The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 96

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 96

Kai’s body stiffened for a moment. Although he did regret what he just said, he could not take back his words.

Julie quickly waved her hand. “No thanks. It’s too extravagant. I won’t even use it.“

Nicole was adamant. “No way! We don’t have to use it, but we need one, so you must accept this! Our Mr. Superstar isn’t short of money anyway! Right?“ Nicole grinned at Kai.

Since Kai was paying for the yacht, Nicole was more than happy.

Kai laughed and felt a little helpless. “Yeah, what’s a yacht anyway? Since Nikki said it, consider this a small gift. It’s certainly not a problem for me to buy it.

‘I must live up to my baby sister’s brag…’

Julie was very close to Nicole and knew the Stanton family’s strength, so she did not refuse again.

“Thanks, Kai, “ Julie said.

Kai raised his eyebrows and reached out to touch Julie’s head. “Don’t mention it.“

Julie was stunned and blushed faintly.

However, Kai quickly looked down at Nicole and spoke dotingly, “Satisfied? Can we go home now?“

Nicole nodded, took his arm, and waved at Julie. “

Bye, Jules! “

In their three years of marriage, Nicole had never been so straightforward and frank to ask for any gift from her husband. All Eric gave her was money.

When Eric saw Nicole asking for something from another man, his heart was extremely uncomfortable, and his face turned cold and glum.

Nicole and Kai turned around and saw Eric Ferguson and Keith Ludwig at the door. The smile on Nicole’s face disappeared in an instant and was replaced with indifference.

When Eric saw the change in her expression, his heart felt like it was being stabbed and ached uncontrollably.

‘Nicole didn’t even look at me. She must really hate me…’ Eric thought.

Keith had the sense not to mock Nicole at this time. After all, this woman had his naked photos. If he angered her, he would become the world’s laughing stock. However, they could not ignore that couple, so he smiled and looked at the man next to her.

“Mr. Kai, what a coincidence…“

Kai raised his eyebrows. “Mr. Ludwig, it is quite the coincidence.“

He did not even glance at Eric. ‘This man abducted my sister for three years! He should count his

blessings that I didn’t go to his door to settle accounts. I won’t pretend as if nothing happened! ‘

The atmosphere was stagnant for a while. Eric’s eyes narrowed slightly. His voice was clear and cold as he said, “Nicole, what a surprise. When did you become Share’s partner?“

She had too many secrets that he was not aware of. Her unfamiliarity and brilliance made her seem like a different person compared to the Nicole he had been married to for three years. He hated that feeling of her being out of his control.

Nicole hooked her lips and said coldly, “I don’t need to report my matters to you, an ‘ex-husband’, do I? Mr. Ferguson, curiosity killed the cat.“

‘It’s best if we never interact with each other! ‘ Nicole thought.

Eric wanted to say something when Ingrid screamed outside the door. “Wendy! What happened? There’s so much blood…“

The people Inside were stunned. Eric’s face flashed a trace of panic and immediately ran out.

The others followed. Keith was puzzled when he saw Wendy lying in Ingrid’s arms. Her forehead was covered in blood and looked to be in a terrible condition. She was also unconscious.

Ingrid kept crying. “Wendy, don’t scare me…“ “What happened?“ Eric ran over and took Wendy into his arms. He scolded Ingrid. “Why are you two

here? What the hell happened?“

Ingrid sobbed and said incoherently, “I -I don’t know I just turned away for a moment and she fell. Now she’s bleeding so much…“

Keith frowned. “Don’t move her around because she’ll bleed more. Are there any doctors here?“ It was rare that Keith Ludwig was so serious.

“Yes, he just left. I’ll call him back immediately.“ Although Julie was reluctant to meddle in this, she would not be able to explain how someone died at her venue.

Julie turned around and took out her phone to contact the emergency doctor.

Nicole looked on expressionlessly. The panic in Eric’s eyes looked extraordinarily sardonic.

‘So, he’s not emotionless after all… He can be nice to Wendy Quade…’

Nicole hooked up her lips and tugged on Kai’s sleeve. “I wanna go home…“

She suddenly felt a little tired.

Kai stroked her head and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Let’s go. I’ll buy you a yacht.“

Nicole chuckled. After taking two steps out, Keith suddenly shouted, “Wait, she can’t leave! Wendy lost too much blood and might need a blood transfusion. If she leaves, who’ll do the blood transfusion?“

In an instant, the air fell into a deafening silence.

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