The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 93

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 93

When the show was over, the venue immediately resounded with thunderous applause. Julie Nixon was calm and collected as she went on stage to say a few words. Everyone eagerly  awaited the after-party.

Many media personnel went up and asked Julie who was the model for the finale and whether Julie had hired a supermodel from abroad at a high price.

Julie laughed and simply asked someone to call Nicole over. ”This model isn’t an international supermodel, she’s my partner, Nicole.”

Nicole smiled and nodded calmly. She was still wearing that dress. Everyone eagerly took pictures of her. Cameras flashed continuously, but Nico le was extremely cooperative and just stood there to let everyone take pictures of her.

After all, Nicole wanted to help Julie and give her brand good publicity.

The invited media were well- known in the fashion industry in the country and abroad. A foreign reporter asked, ”The design of this gown looks like a bridal dress. Ms. Nicole , you walked so skillfully in this dress. Have you ever had experience in wearing wedding gowns?”

Julie froze for a moment and wanted to stop them from asking questions, but Nicole smiled indifferently and said in a light tone, ”No, I’ve never worn a wedding dress.”

Eric Ferguson, who was walking towards them, heard these words and felt his body stiffen slightly. The look in his eyes instantly became complicated.

‘It’s true that she’s never worn a wedding dress. We didn’t even have a wedding and didn’t take any wedding photos… How could there be occasions for her to wear a wedding dress?’

The only connection between them was their marriage license that turned into a divorce certificate.

They were only married in name and had nothing else.

Eric was stingy with Nicole about everything except money.

For a moment, Eric’s chest seemed to be hit like he had been slapped by Nicole.

Keith paused in his footsteps on the side. “It is really her…“

Nicole saw Eric standing not far away and faintly retracted her gaze. She answered a few more questions and left with Julie.

Naturally, Julie also saw Eric and said unhappily, “I clearly didn’t give them tickets. How dare they show up uninvited?“

Nicole laughed. “With their status and ability, isn’t it easy to get a few tickets?“

What was more, this was Eric’s turf.

Julie grunted in exasperation. When someone came over to exchange pleasantries, she immediately greeted them with a smile. Nicole then went upstairs to look for Yvette.

Nicole did not want to see those irritating faces.

On the other hand, Ingrid pulled Wendy over seemingly looking for someone. She would go up to every staff member she saw and ask them, “Where’s the model for the finale?“

Finally, someone managed to give her directions. “I just saw that she went upstairs…“

Wendy spotted Eric and wanted to go to him, but she did not want to leave Ingrid behind either. “Why don’t we just look for the model later?“

“We’ll just take a picture and go. It’ll be quick. That model was so beautiful! How good would it be if this kind of woman married my brother…“

Ingrid thought that only a decent and graceful woman like that who could capture the hearts of many was worthy enough of her brother. ‘Even if she’s a model, she’s already way better than Nicole!’

Wendy’s face stiffened when she heard this and quickly said, “How could your brother fancy a model? Models have a very messy private life and are basically escorts who drink and sleep with whoever that can pay them…“

The people upstairs heard this and looked at each other with a smile. Yvette sneered and raised her voice. “If you look down on us, then don’t come. Who invited you anyway?“

Ingrid stopped in her tracks and did not expect that others would overhear their conversation, then cast a reproachful glance at Wendy.

As soon as they got upstairs, they saw Yvette sitting in front of the dressing table, staring at them mockingly.

Both Ingrid and Wendy were stunned. “It’s you?! “

Nicole sat on the chair next to Yvette with her back to them. She kept her head down as she was playing with her phone and did not even lift her head, ignoring their presence.

Yvette laughed, sized them up, and snickered. “Why can’t it be me? Oh wow, you’re both wearing the clothes Nicole didn’t want?”

Ingrid’s face turned red with anger and wanted to teach her a lesson, but she did not forget her main purpose of coming over.

“I won’t bother with you. Hey, finale model, I wanna take a picture with you!”

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