The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 91

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 91

This exclusive private fashion show was held at an impressive manor with exquisite and opulent decor.

Once the guests entered the venue, they could see the starry sky overhead and the Milky Way. It was very awe-inspiring as they felt like they were in the vast universe.

Kai followed behind Nicole and Yvette, then looked around in amazement. “Hmm… Not bad! “

Nicole rolled her eyes at him and lifted her chin with honor. “That’s for sure! There are only three people from showbiz who got invited, and you’re one of them.“

“I’m truly honored,“ Kai said with a smile. His handsome face was even more charming and profound.

“Nikki! “ Julie walked over. When she saw Kai at the back, she paused for a moment, then greeted him with a smile. “Welcome, Mr. Superstar.“

Kai hooked his lips. “Jules, are you planning to dominate the fashion circle?“

Julie blushed slightly and laughed with her head bowed. She then lifted her head to look at him. “Mr. Superstar, you’re one to talk.“

“Haha, you don’t even remember my name now?“ Kai put his hands in his pockets in a leisurely posture as he teased her.

Julie’s smile deepened. Her eyes were glowing as she looked at him. “Kai, are you pulling my leg?“

Kai laughed in satisfaction. “I ‘m just having some fun. You girls go ahead then. I’ll just sit around somewhere.“

Julie nodded and shifted her gaze back to her besties. She held Nicole and Yvette’s hands and said, “Let’s go get ready.“

Nicole and Yvette did not see Julie’s abnormalities because they were only focused on the beautiful surroundings.

“This is too beautiful! Your work hasn’t even appeared yet and it’s already a hit!“ Nicole could not help but praise her.

Julie raised her eyebrows and looked helplessly at the girls. “Speaking of which, you two are my partners, but you’re not helping at all, huh?“

If Julie did not mention it, Nicole would have forgotten that she was a partner. Julie was short of funds when she first set up Share, so Nicole and Yvette chipped in and did not want it back. Thus, Julie made them both shareholders. Although they did not have many shares, they were still Julie’s partners by name.

Yvette smiled with squinted eyes and quickly changed the topic. “Where are our dresses?“

Julie had someone roll out the three custom -made dresses on a rack covered with a layer of white tulle, then clapped her hands in satisfaction. “Try it on.“

Nicole and Yvette impatiently opened it. Their eyes were filled with awe and they audibly gasped when they saw the dresses.

“The theme of this show is ‘Galactic’. The classic galaxy design is a cliché even though it’s certainly stunning. My idea of ‘Galactic’ aims to show the huge possibilities for women. We can be princesses, queens, knights, or whoever we want to be. Each of the dresses has a unique constellation. As long as women exist, we light up the world like the millions of stars in the galaxy.“

Julie smiled with satisfaction and picked up the exquisite white satin gown in the middle. The off- shoulder design had irregularly dotted blue and purple Baby’s-breath flowers all over. Its fishtail hem was embellished with shimmering dark purple pearls that glowed in the light with a mysterious noble aura.

“Nikki, this is tailored for you. Try it on. It’s the main gown in the Cassiopeia Collection.“

Nicole excitedly took it. This dress was even more stunning than what she saw earlier today shopping in a luxury brand store.

“Yvette, this is yours from the Gemini Collection.“

Julie took her own gown and the three ladies went into their respective rooms to change into them.

When they came out, everyone could not help but marvel at the gown Nicole was wearing. She was simply stunning. The front of the dress had a deep neckline, but the Baby’s -breath flowers covered the vital parts, adding to its divinity.

The fitted-waist design outlined Nicole’s slender figure. The long skirt embellished with the shimmering purple pearls touched the floor. It looked as if the entire constellation was draped over her body.

”It’s so beautiful ! ” The staff on the side could not help but admire the dress on Nicole.

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