The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 90

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 90

Nicole walked over perplexed and saw the understated yet luxurious packaging with the familiar brand logo on it. Yvette looked down and picked one of the bags up. “Huh? Aren’t these the items you just picked in the store?“

‘They are!’

These clothes looked so familiar. Nicole frowned and was puzzled. ‘Didn’t Ingrid swoop in to buy them? How did these appear here then?’

The receptionist explained, “The store manager sent them over personally saying that these are already paid for by Mr. Ferguson.“

‘Eric Ferguson?’

Nicole’s eyes sank slightly. ‘He must’ve done this just for the emerald pipe, but I don’t appreciate it.’

Yvette let out a cold laugh. “Eric Ferguson? What does he mean by this?”

Nicole looked up indifferently. “Have someone send these to Ferguson Corporation and return it to him.“

The receptionist was stunned because she initially thought that Vice President Nicole was getting back together with Eric Ferguson.

It looked like that was not happening any time soon.

“Yes, ma’am.“ The receptionist looked down and called for the courier.

“If he’s willing to be an imbecile, just keep it. It’ll really piss off Ingrid Ferguson and Wendy Quade! “ Yvette suggested.

Nicole looked at her and laughed lightly. “I can’t afford to wear what he gives me and I don’t want to owe him a dime! “

‘He hasn’t taken the initiative to give me any gifts during our three years of marriage, let alone clothes. Now he’s trying to be unctuous after our divorce? Isn’t he ridiculous?’

Yvette raised her eyebrow. “You’re right.“

When the items were returned to Ferguson Corporation, Mitchell looked at the ground and sighed, then reluctantly went to the President’s office.

Mitchell knocked on the door. “President…“

Eric raised his head. His eyes were cold. “What is it?“

“The items sent to Stanton Corporation were sent back here…“ Mitchell looked at Eric, who frowned with a glum face, then continued, “I think that Ms. Nicole may not like these. Otherwise, why would Ms. Nicole give it up to Ms. Ferguson?“

Mitchell did not want to send the items to Nicole again knowing that she clearly did not want anything from Eric. It would just be wasted effort.

Eric paused slightly and faintly withdrew his gaze. “ Then forget it.“

After all, Nicole did not put up with anyone after the divorce.

Mitchell breathed a sigh of relief. “Then the clothes “Just send it to Ingrid then.“

“Yes, sir.“

When the clothes were sent to the Ferguson Villa, Ingrid’s mood that had just been alleviated, became worse all of a sudden.

She was agitated and jolted up, then raised her voice. “What is this?! I’m getting what Nicole doesn’t want? Am I a trash can?“

Wendy’s face stiffened as she watched. She gritted her teeth as she stared at the expensive clothes and suppressed the waves of hatred surging at the bottom of her heart.

She gently comforted Ingrid, “It’s alright. Nicole probably knew that she didn’t pay for these and was too ashamed to accept it. It took a lot of effort for me to entrust someone to get the tickets to tonight’s show. Let’s just wear these since it’s befitting for our identity.“

Ingrid could only put up with this because the tickets were very hard to come by. None of the high-society ladies in their circle got the invitation to this fashion show even though everyone tried through all kinds of channels. However, the mysterious designer, Nixon, only did things to her liking.

Whether they could get invitations to this show became a show of status among the gentry circle. Thus, when Ingrid learned that Wendy got them tickets, she was elated.

Once they got into the fashion show, Ingrid planned to post a picture on social media so that others would envy her.

‘I must be the most stunning one there! ‘ Ingrid thought.

Wendy knew that Ingrid’s dream was to go to this show, so she looked for her uncle, who contacted Keith Ludwig, who then sought  out Hendrick Carter’s former friends to get these tickets. Wendy used so many connections and took a lot of effort to get these two tickets just to please Ingrid Ferguson as a stepping stone into the Ferguson family.

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