The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 89

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 89

Wendy Quade made a phone call and walked over to pat Ingrid’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Eric’s coming over soon. He didn’t say anything.“

Business Convention Center.

Eric Ferguson walked out of the conference room, hung up the phone, and had a cold and detached look in his eyes. His custom-made suit set off his ascetic elite persona. His assistant, Mitchell, was waiting on the side and went up to greet him. “President.“

“Go to Ingrid and settle the bill, then give the things to Nicole.“

Although Wendy said that Nicole willingly gave Ingrid these clothes and did not mention what happened, Eric was doubtful that Ingrid did not do anything to Nicole.

Mitchell was slightly stunned. “Send it to Ms. Nicole?“ He wanted to confirm once again.

“Yes.“ Eric only said one word. “Yes, sir.“ Mitchell nodded and left.

When Mitchell arrived at the store, Ingrid had already endured enough of the staff’s wandering gaze. Although they looked polite, it felt like they were all laughing at her when she was not looking.

If it were not for the recording in the hands of the store manager, Ingrid would have just left the store without hesitation, but now she could not.

“Ms. Ferguson, Ms. Quade…“ Mitchell nodded at the ladies and went to settle the bill.

Ingrid walked over arrogantly and looked at the staff. “I’m the Young Lady of the Ferguson family, so of course I can afford this stuff. I just left my wallet at home, yet my brother immediately sent someone over.“

“Ms. Ferguson, we have wrapped up the items for you. Should we carry them to your car?“ The store manager asked politely.

Ingrid waved her hand. “Of course…“

“Wait.“ Mitchell raised his hand. “Send the things to Ms. Nicole’s address. If you don’t have her address, send it to Stanton Corporation.“

“What do you mean?“ Ingrid stared at him in shock. “Why are you sending it to Nicole? These are my stuff! “

Wendy, who was on the side, was also shocked. Her smile stiffened as she said, “This is Ingrid’s things. Nicole has already given it to Ingrid and left.“

Mitchell flashed a detached and polite smile. “This is the President’s order. I’m just doing as he instructed.“

He glanced at the store manager and nodded. The store manager immediately acted on it.

Whoever paid for the items had the final say. Wendy’s face gradually became gloomy and clenched her fists.

Ingrid stomped her feet in anger and cursed. “How could she?! Nicole set me up! Even my brother won’t help me…“

She wanted to call Eric for clarification, but Eric ignored her calls.

On the other hand, Nicole and Yvette each held an ice cream cone and went back to Nicole’s office. Yvette even called Julie on the way to tell her about what had just happened.

Julie sneered and said, “I ‘ve already prepared your outfits for tonight. You two just need to show up.

Also, what are you two thinking about coming to my place and wearing another designer’s clothes? Is that not a slap in my face?“

Nicole and Yvette kept quiet. Julie Nixon was among the few of them to start a business first. She was from a rich family but did not rely on her family background and single-handedly achieved her current success. In the past, Julie would always point out fashion faux pas on the streets. She then went to Europe for training. Afterward, she came back to Mediania to establish her own brand, Share. Julie’s experiences were simply legendary!

Julie was a strong independent woman that was very capable and decisive, which was quite intimidating to many others.

However, to Nicole and Yvette, Julie was their bestie and the same little girl they knew back then.

Nicole coughed slightly and tried to talk her way out of this situation. “Uh… We were just trying to make you shine brighter! “

“Save it. You two had better be on time tonight! Or else… ” Julie threatened them.

Nicole and Yvette glanced at each other. When they entered the lobby of Stanton Corporation, the receptionist called out to Nicole.

”Vice President Nicole, someone sent you some things… ”

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