The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 88

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 88

Nicole curled her lips into a cold smile and watched as Wendy’s fake smile gradually stiffened and shattered.

She was extremely satisfied.

“Hear that? Why are you still here? How thick— skinned are you to freeload off our treatment? Ms. Quade, please be more self-conscious.“ Yvette sneered.

Seeing this, the store manager feared that Nicole would be upset and immediately made her position clear. She turned to Ingrid Ferguson and Wendy Quade and said, “Ladies, please head downstairs. Our staff will attend to you shortly.“

Wendy’s face was glum. Ingrid was even more furious because this was a slap in the face for her.

If word got out, Ingrid’s reputation among the high- society ladies would go down the drain!

“No! I want to see what kind of clothes Nicole has her eyes on. I have plenty of money, so I’ll buy whatever she wants! “ Ingrid wanted to flaunt her wealth to gain back her reputation, especially in front of Nicole.

Nicole was slightly stunned and raised an eyebrow. “ You’re buying it?“

“Yes, I ‘ll buy it all! “ Ingrid sneered, then looked at the store manager smugly. “Kick them out of here now! “

The store manager could hardly maintain her smile and looked torn. ‘Ms. Ferguson’s princess attitude is so difficult to deal with…’

Nicole smiled and looked at the store manager. “ Since Ms. Ferguson wants it, just wrap up everything that I picked earlier and give it to her.“

The store manager froze and felt surprised that Nicole did not look the slightest bit angry. She then nodded and did as she was told.


The store manager then told the staff to take out all the clothes Nicole picked earlier. Nicole looked at Ingrid in the back and said nonchalantly, “Ms. Ferguson, you wouldn’t think that they’re too expensive and return them later, right?“

The store manager was stunned. If Ms. Ferguson returned all of these, the store would sustain substantial losses!

Ingrid heard this and thought that Nicole was simply trying her patience.

“Return them? I’d rather throw it away than return the things I buy! “

Ingrid lifted her chin arrogantly and thought, ‘ Nicole is just a sugar baby that depends on her man yet she acts like she’s really from a rich family?’

Nicole took out her phone and played the recording o f their conversation earlier.

“Ms. Ferguson, you wouldn’t think that they’re too expensive and return them later, right?“

“Return them? I’d rather throw it away than return the things I buy! “

Ingrid froze and her expression changed slightly. “ What are you trying to do?“

Nicole looked at the store manager with a smile. “ This is proof of what Ms. Ferguson said. If Ms.

Ferguson returns these items, you can show her friends how ‘generous’ Ms. Ferguson is when they come to the store! “

Ingrid was so mad that her face turned red. She sneered and said, “I’m the Young Lady of the Ferguson family, so why won’t I be able to afford a few pieces of clothing? Nicole, do you think everyone’s as broke as you?“

‘I’ll buy it all!’ Ingrid thought.

Nicole laughed and sent the recording to the store manager, who looked at Nicole gratefully and was obviously relieved.

She turned back to Yvette and smiled, “Let’s go. I’m afraid we won’t be able to get anything today thanks to the generous Young Lady Ferguson.“

Yvette raised her eyebrows and stood up with her purse in hand. “Sigh… I guess it’s time to admit defeat.“

The two of them then walked downstairs unhurriedly…

The store manager came over with the list of items Nicole had just chosen and said, “Ms. Ferguson, the total amount is $ 6.49 million. Please look through it.”

Ingrid’s head felt like it was exploding.

Her face stiffened. The smile on her face faded as her face flushed red. She looked completely shocked. “ What?! “

Ingrid only thought that it would come out to be a few hundred thousand dollars. Even if it was one or two million, she would still be able to accept it.

However, Ingrid’s allowance was deducted by Old Master Ferguson as a punishment for losing the emerald pipe, and the little money she had was not enough for her to survive.

“The items Ms. Nicole chose are the latest haute couture dresses of the season which are not yet available in Mediania, so there’s no discount on the price.“

The store manager said euphemistically as she looked at Ingrid with sympathy. ‘Ms. Ferguson was so bold earlier… Is she starting to wimp out now?’

Ingrid bit her lower lip. Her face turned pale as she thought, ‘No wonder Nicole recorded that to make sure I won’t return these… Is she looking down on m e, thinking that I can’t afford it?’

Wendy Quade frowned as she looked at Ingrid and carefully proposed. “How about this… We can give your brother a call? I can call him for you…“

Yvette and Nicole, who had reached the entrance of the store, heard Wendy’s proposal. Nicole’s face was expressionless, but Yvette snorted and said, “You can’t even spend this amount yet you wanted to flaunt in front of us?“

Nicole smirked and said, ”Just leave her be… ” She did not have to be concerned about this.

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