The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 86

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 86

The car returned to the Stanton mansion, and the three siblings went inside. Mr. Anderson was overjoyed and immediately instructed the maids to prepare dinner.

Even in Floyd Stanton’s absence, every corner of the villa was cleaned every day. Mr. Anderson had been working as a butler in the Stanton mansion for more than thirty years and had never made a mistake.

The three siblings finally got together, so they drank some wine to celebrate. Kai staggered around like a madman, dancing with the music. He did not look a bit like the superstar he was. If his fans saw him at this moment, they would probably turn their backs on him.

Nicole spread out all the gifts Grant brought back for her on the floor and sat there to pick out her favorite ones. These priceless collectibles from private collectors abroad were worth more than those luxury brands.

She was feeling a little tipsy when her phone rang. It was a call from Julie Nixon, so Nicole happily answered it. With a simple hand gesture, the butler immediately understood what Nicole meant and went up to put these gifts in her room while she was talking on the phone.

“Jules, are you back?“

Julie responded and was upfront with Nicole. “Clear out your schedule tomorrow night. I can’t do

without you for the opening of my big show. Come over with Yvette, okay?“

Nicole fully supported her bestie’s career. Moreover, Julie’s fashion shows were always interesting. “No problem. I’ll be there! “

Julie paused for a moment and said, “Can you bring along your third brother as well…“

Nicole was surprised. Julie and Kai had never interacted much, so Nicole was wondering how she should invite him to the show.

Julie coughed slightly and explained, “He’s a big movie star, so his appearance will increase my show’s coverage and stature. If others see that I can’t even invite an A-lister to my show, what will they think of me?“

Nicole laughed and walked into her room. “Don’t be modest. Your tickets are so hard to get that everyone’s fighting over it. Who doesn’t know how trendy Share is right now? But since you asked, I’ll bring Kai with me. Don’t worry! “

In the beginning, the domestic fashion trends were led by international brands. Two years ago, Julie Nixon won an international fashion design award and founded her mysterious private fashion shows in which she would reveal her designs little by little. Her shows took the fashion industry by storm and received international acclamation.

This year’s private show was held back home in Mediania. Since it was a private show with limited seating, Julie would send out these invitations personally after careful consideration and selection.

The people who could get an invitation to her fashion show were from the mysterious gentry circle.

Everyone wanted to see the legendary Share fashion show.

“Thanks! “ Julie breathed a sigh of relief and hung up the phone.

Nicole put down the phone and sent a message to Kai informing him about his attendance for tomorrow night’s show. Without waiting for his reply, Nicole turned off her phone and went to bed.

The next morning, Yvette called Nicole to shop for a new outfit for Julie’s show. Since Grant was back, Nicole took this opportunity to take a break from work and gladly agreed to a shopping spree.

The two ladies made an appointment with the store before going. When the store manager saw Nicole and Yvette, her eyes lit up and she excitedly welcomed them at the door.

“Welcome, Ms. Stanton and Ms. Quimbey. We have specially cleared the store for you today and everyone here is dedicated to serving your needs.“ The store manager spoke amiably.

Nicole chuckled and said, “We want to keep a low profile, so there’s no need to be so troublesome. We’ll just take a look upstairs and won’t delay your business.“


“Just do as she says. Let’s not waste time.“ Yvette urged.

“As you wish, ladies. “ The store manager nodded and complied with the guests’ request.

The second floor was brightly lit and the table was filled with exquisite small desserts specially ordered from Michelin-star restaurants. There was also a luxurious scent in the store.

”Ladies, would you like a drink? We’ve specially prepared a selection of fine European wine exclusive for our VVVIPs. The low alcohol percentage makes it quite befitting for casual drinking. Would you like to try it?” The store manager recommended their value

-added services for the important guests.

Nicole and Yvette glanced at each other, then answered, ”Sure, we’ll have a glass then.”

The wine was very fragrant. Nicole knew at first glance that this kind of wine without a brand was not for sale to the public and was only available for private collection. Just as the store manager mentioned, it was very exclusive.

Nicole and Yvette sat on the sofa while the store manager handed them an iPad that had a catalog of their brand’s limited edition collection.

The store manager adjusted the ambient light on the second floor. With a light clap , a stream of models with similar figures to Nico le and Yvette came out from the back wearing the sample clothes. Thus, the ladies did not have to try them on and only needed to nod when they saw a piece they fancied. They did not even need to lift their feet.

While Yvette and Nicole were watching intently, they suddenly heard a noise downstairs. ”Where is everyone? Is this how you serve your customers? ”

Nicole glanced in the direction of the voice and saw Wendy Quade and Ingrid Ferguson standing at the entrance. ‘Damn it… If I’ d known earlier , I would’ve let them clear out the store… ‘

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