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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 85

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 85

Eric Ferguson looked at Keith Ludwig coldly as he felt a suffocating and irritating pain in his chest. For some reason, Eric was annoyed when he saw that Nicole did not reject Ian from holding her hand earlier.

Keith continued chattering on the side. “You didn’t see who did it?! Who’d damage my beloved car? I ordered it from Europe and it came in a special shipment after floating at sea for more than half a month! That son of a b*tch! “

Stanton Corporation.

A few days later, Samantha Lindt was officially kicked out of the company and charged with leaking trade secrets. The company’s supervisory board began to investigate the accounts handled by Micah Zielinski. They found that Micah Zielinski had sold off three percent of his shares at a high price long ago and that he was just a titular shareholder that fooled everyone.

When Logan reported this matter to Nicole, she was leisurely sipping her cup of coffee and only narrowed her eyes. Logan could not grasp Nicole’s thoughts. ‘Is she not anxious about such a big thing?’

“Vice President Nicole, should I investigate who he sold his shares to?“

If Micah Zielinski sold his shares to a rival company, they would be in dangerous waters.

Nicole laughed lightly, picked up a document from the side, and threw it on the desk. “My brother’s been prepared for this long ago. How could he let his company’s shares fall into the hands of others?“

Logan was curious and took a look. The assignee on it was actually Nicole!

‘What a great covert move! ‘

“Micah Zielinski unknowingly sold his shares to President Stanton’s representative, who then sold them to you?“ Logan asked.

Nicole raised her eyebrows and smiled gently. “Yup.“

Grant Stanton had more foresight than anyone else. He started planning this early on. Micah Zielinski’s shares were just a little welcome gift he prepared for Nicole.

Grant’s flight was scheduled to land later that day, so Nicole dragged Kai, who was resting at home, to pick Grant up at the airport.

Not wanting to cause another sensation like the last airport pickup, Nicole and Kai waited in the parking lot, each with a cup of coffee in hand. There were only a few people around, so it was quiet.

In a few minutes, Grant showed up in a low profile. Nicole recognized his tall, upright figure and handsome eyebrows right away.

Nicole quickly got out of the car and ran over with her arms wide open to welcome him, then hugged his neck like a koala bear, not letting go. “Welcome home, Big Brother! “

Grant let out a helpless laugh. “You missed me so much?“

“Yeah, I missed you! Where’s my present?“

Kai also got out of the car excitedly and opened his arms to hug him just as Nicole did. “Welcome home, Big Brother! “

However, before he could touch Grant’s neck, Grant pushed him away with one hand. “Get away from me!“

Kai was speechless.

Nicole laughed at the side while Grant’s assistant came over from behind, lugging seven or eight suitcases. Nicole finally let go of Grant and swept a glance at the suitcases. She was surprised that her brother had so much luggage.

On the other side, Kai grunted coldly and was so vexed that he spat out some harsh words. “I’m gonna disown you guys! “

“Alright, goodbye then! “ Grant raised his eyebrows and turned to stroke Nicole’s hair. “Don’t mind him. Let’s go home… I bought you several boxes of gifts and I’m sure you’ll like them. You can take your pick first and give one or two things you don’t like to Kai.“

Kai, who was walking in the front, stopped in his tracks. He looked so aggrieved and angry as he glared at his siblings at the back. He gritted his teeth and said, “Can’t you be more discreet when you say things like that?! “

‘I’m the most miserable and insubstantial movie star in the world! ‘ Kai thought.

The group of assistants behind the Stanton siblings were baffled and panted as they carefully carried several large boxes.

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