The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 83

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 83

Everyone was from the same gentry circle. Ian Carter had always been popular among the high -society ladies, and his status as the Second Young Master of the Carter family was also very appealing.

Thus, when these two women saw Ian Carter treating Nicole like this, their faces subconsciously paled.

‘What’s going on? Didn’t Nicole have a thing with Grant Stanton and a fling with Kai? Ian Carter still sides with such a scandalous woman?’

Nicole withdrew her hand with some annoyance and turned to look at the women. “You can either take the initiative to apologize, or I can make you apologize. Choose one.“

The two women looked at each other. Their bodies unconsciously stiffened.

Ian, who was next to Nicole, looked at the two women with a cold smile. “Are you deaf? Choose! “

Those two women were perplexed. It looked like Ian Carter was willing to beat them up as long as Nicole said the word, regardless of their gender difference.


Nicole snapped a picture with her phone and hooked her lips in satisfaction.

“What are you doing?“ One of the women could not help but ask because she was confused as to why Nicole would take pictures of them.

“We’re civilized people, so I won’t fight with you. Since you don’t want to apologize, I can only get your father to apologize to me. When the time comes, it won’t just be a simple ‘sorry’ anymore. “

Nicole laughed. With Stanton Corporation’s power, it would be easy to make things difficult for a few small companies. Making them disappear from West City could also be done in a snap of a finger.

One of the women whispered to the other, then the two of them looked up and said reluctantly, “Sorry. “

Although they did not like Nicole, they were afraid of the Carter family’s strength. Ian Carter was clearly backing Nicole, so they could not afford to mess with them.

Moreover, if Nicole complained to Grant Stanton later, the situation would be even worse.

These two ladies were trust fund babies that had no contribution to the family business. If they implicated their family business because of such a small matter, they would certainly get disowned.

Nicole raised her eyebrows and dug her ear. “I didn’t hear it…“

The two women gritted their teeth and stared at Nicole. They raised their voices slightly. “Ms. Nicole, we’re sorry.“

Nicole smiled, but it was cold. “This is a warning. Next time, I won’t pretend to be civilized.“

She had a lot of ways to intimidate a few trust fund babies.

The two ladies smiled. Although indignant, they dared not say anything.

Nicole looked at the time on her phone. The sounds of beratement in the banquet hall were still ongoing. Nicole did not want to continue meddling, so she went straight out the door.

Since everything had been exposed, Stanton Corporation would publish Samantha Lindt’s dismissal later in the evening, so Samantha would not be able to stay in this industry.

Of course, Micah Zielinski would also suffer the same fate.

Before they got out of the door, they saw a group of people coming from another direction, led by none other than Eric Ferguson.

Ian was next to Nicole and snorted lightly. “What a small world…“

He walked forward, put his arm around Nicole’s shoulders, then whispered in her ear, “You don’t need to thank me. We can’t lose this battle.“

Nicole noticed that Eric was staring at her. She retracted her gaze indifferently and walked forward without glancing at him, treating him like a stranger.

“Nicole, you’ve been quite popular lately, huh? Your appearance rate is even higher than actual celebrities. Are you trying to change your career and make your debut in showbiz?“

Keith, who was beside Eric, could not help but annoy Nicole when he saw her. He then stepped forward to stop her from leaving.

He had been watching the drama unfold online all day.

It was a rare occasion that Nicole was insulted, so Keith wanted to add fuel to the fire.

Unfortunately, the keyboard warriors he hired stopped all movement in the latter part of the day.

Ian raised an eyebrow. “Mr. Ludwig, what does it have to do with you?“

“Second Young Master Carter, how can you still side her when she has entanglements with three men at the same time? Don’t you think that this woman is a little too popular with men?“ Keith’s words were very sarcastic.

Nicole cast a sidelong glance at Keith. “Mr. Ludwig, if I were you, I’d learn to keep my mouth shut at this time.“

“What?“ Keith thought, ‘This woman dares to teach me what to do?’

Nicole hooked her lips and sneered. “Because if I get upset, I can easily make you more popular than I am now…“

Once Keith’s nudes were posted online, who among them would be more viral?

After dropping that sentence, Nicole retracted her gaze and left the clubhouse. She did not even glance a t Eric Ferguson, who was standing next to Keith.

Keith’s face turned red as he stood there gnashing his teeth. “This woman… Is she planning to threaten me for life?! “

Eric coldly withdrew his gaze from Nicole and swept a glance at Keith. ”You asked for it.”

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