The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 80

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 80

Logan paused, “President Stanton planned to clean them up after his return, but if you want to do it, I can get the stuff ready.“

They already had the evidence and just needed to hand it over to the relevant departments, then Samantha Lindt would be dead meat.

When the elevator door opened, the people passing by greeted Nicole amiably.

Nicole smiled and responded to all of them, then returned to her office. She hooked her lips. “Check Samantha’s recent movements. I want her to grow a brain.“

“She’s been getting close to some high-society ladies lately, and I heard that she will be attending a small gathering tonight.“

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Send the address to me later. I wanna join the fun.“

“Yes, ma’am.“ It was not difficult for Logan to find out about the gathering.

Nicole looked at him and added, “You may leave if there’s nothing else. Tell my brother that I’ll clean them up.“


Nicole sat down and called Dominic Young, whose rambunctious voice was extraordinarily familiar.

“Ms. Stanton, are you going to make your debut soon?“

Dominic was laughing at her about her recent domination of the tabloid headlines. Nicole rubbed her temples. “Suppress it. It’s all my brother’s fault

He laughed and said, “Your brother cares about you. I saw that Mr. Ferguson was in many of these photos. I think Kai just wants to piss Eric Ferguson off, right?“

‘Why would Eric Ferguson get pissed off seeing me with another man?’ Nicole thought.

She paused for a moment and said, “I don’t want to be in the same frame with him. Thanks, Mr. Young.“

“Ms. Stanton, don’t be so polite with me. I’m just at your command. “ Dominic smiled. He was Nicole’s subordinate,  so naturally,  he had to suck up to her.

After hanging up, Nicole saw the address that Logan had sent to her phone that looked quite familiar. It was a country club near Tattle Bar.

Coincidentally, Nicole had a membership there. Ferguson Corporation.

Eric stood in front of the floor-to -ceiling window inside the President’s Office, looking at the traffic down below. His irritable mood gradually calmed down.

‘Looking back, what could be done in such a short time between the airport and Nicole’s apartment anyway? I only saw Kai in Nicole’s house and assumed that they had an affair… Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding?’

However, this topic was still hot on the internet. Some people scolded Nicole for sleeping around and hooking up with Kai so soon after the divorce. Some speculated that they already had an affair before Nicole’s divorce.

Kai’s fans were also divided into two camps. One side was in support of Kai’s freedom of love and admired him for having the courage to announce his woman and happiness to everyone. The other side did not support Kai to be in a relationship with Nicole because Nicole was a divorcee and was not worthy of their idol.

Some people also said that Nicole was a nymphomaniac and had been sleeping around even after marrying Eric Ferguson. She only divorced Eric because she obtained some sort of secret in exchange for her safe retreat.

Those speculations, exposé, and insider news were completely made up.

Eric laughed in exaggeration. ‘Insider information? If there really is insider information, does the world deserve to know?’

Eric’s assistant, Mitchell, knocked on the door at that moment. “President, there’s a document that needs your signature.“

The man’s eyes were deep as he instructed, “ Suppress the hype on the internet relating to yesterday’s events at the airport. “ After a pause, he added, “I don’t want people digging up dirt lest they implicate and drag down our share prices.“

Mitchell was originally a little surprised, but he quickly responded. “Yes, sir. I’ll deal with it.”

After a while, Mitchell knocked on the door again and hesitantly spoke, “President, the buzz online dissipated and the articles about Ms. Nicole have been taken down…”

Eric was stunned. ‘So fast?’

“I haven’t had time to contact the relevant media and platforms… It seems like it’s done by another party.”

“Apparently, it’s the orders of President Dominic Young from Falcon Entertainment.”

Mitchell glanced at his boss. Eric’s eyes were cold but he did not make a sound. Mitchell also dared not speak and even breathed very carefully.

Someone was a step ahead of them. Although the results achieved were the same, his boss did not look too happy about it.

“Get out,” Eric said through clenched teeth.

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