The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 76

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 76

Eric’s eyes were cold when he raised them slightly. His voice was indifferent as he said, “What’s done is done. I ‘m not qualified to forgive you on her behalf, and it’s Nicole who doesn’t care for your apology.“

Seeing Wendy’s shocked gaze, Eric looked away and said, “What are you waiting for? Drive! “

“Yes, President.“ The driver dared not delay another second and immediately drove away.

Wendy Quade stood stiffly in place as she watched the car fade from sight. The grievance in her eyes was gradually replaced by anger.

‘I was only abroad for a short time, when did Eric become so cold to me? He even spoke for Nicole?

She’s really something!’

Wendy took out her phone in anger and dialed a number. Her voice was warm as she said, “Ingrid? I’m back…“

Floyd Stanton was still abroad. Grant Stanton was also on a business trip. Thus, Kai was dead set on following Nicole home.

Nicole grunted in reluctance as Kai clung to her. “Mr. Anderson cleaned up your apartment two days ago. Why do you have to stay with me?“

Kai pinched her ears and almost picked her up like when they were young. “Objection invalid! I haven’t been to my house in a long time, so it feels a bit strange. I want to live with you here! “

Nicole helplessly opened the door and registered Kai’s fingerprints into it. Kai nodded in satisfaction and swaggered in.

Once he went into Nicole’s apartment, Kai looked around and saw the subtle yet delicate and expensive decor. The diamond chandelier overhead shone brightly. Nicole’s favorite light Morandi palette was also appropriately incorporated.

“Not bad, as expected from El, the famous interior designer. No wonder Dad said that you don’t wanna go back home to live with him.“

Nicole poured herself a glass of water, pursed her lips, and ignored his later remark. “Of course! I’m so rich, so I ought to choose the best designer! “

Kai ignored her, grunted, and was about to undress to take a shower. “Whatevs… Don’t disturb me. I ‘m gonna go take a bubble bath… WTO! “

He screamed in shock, so Nicole ran in to take a look.

Tigger’s fur was drenched as it thumped around playing in the bathtub. When Tigger saw Kai, it roared at him without any deterring effect.

Its eyes lit up when it saw Nicole, who was standing a t the door. Tigger jumped out of the bathtub and ran over to Nicole, looking extremely adorable.

“Mama! I miss you so much…“ Nicole took a step backward. “Stop! “

Tigger froze in place and suddenly realized that he was covered in water. He happily shook off all the water droplets from his body and trotted over. “I smell so good now…“

Kai, who was frozen in place, was so shocked that he said, “Nikki! Why is it not in the zoo? Did you buy a zoo?“

After a moment of silence, he suddenly realized something. “Wait… This tiger can talk?! “

Nicole could not help but laugh. Kai was truly the stupidest out of all her brothers. Kai frowned and pondered for a few seconds before he suddenly reacted.

He reached out to point at Tigger. “It’s fake! “

Tigger indignantly wagged its tail at Kai. “I’m a real tiger! “

Nicole squatted down and patted Tigger. It no longer had any water droplets on it and its fur was dry and fluffy. ‘It even comes with a built-in dryer?’

She picked it up, looked at Kai, and raised her eyebrows smugly. “This is Tigger, my beloved pet, the world’s most unique little tiger. Don’t mess with it, else it’ll bite you! “

Nicole turned around and left. Tigger laid on her shoulder and bared its teeth at Kai, thinking that it was fierce and scary. However, Kai just thought that it was extremely cute.

“My baby sister is really something! Other people have cats and dogs as pets, but you dare to raise a tiger…“

‘Such a cute one at that!’

Nicole put Tigger on the sofa. It dawdled to the expensive scarf and laid on it while it looked at her. “ That man is so handsome, but unfortunately his His too low…“

Hearing this, Nicole stifled a laugh. ‘Even a tiger can see through K’s IQ He’s such a failure…’

“Do you like this scarf?“ Nicole noticed yesterday that Tigger liked to sleep on it. “I’ll buy you some more and put it in different places, then you can rest whenever and wherever you want! “

With that thought in mind, Nicole took out her phone and called the Hermes store. “Are there any new scarves from Hermes recently?“

The store had not received this call for a long time, so for a moment, they had forgotten who the caller was. “Yes, we have ten latest limited edition scarfs and thirteen collector’s models. They’re all our classic best-selling designs. They’re also relatively expensive. May I ask what occasion you’d like to use it for so that I can make the best recommendation for you?“

Nicole thought about it and waved her hand. “I’ll just get one of each. Send it directly to my apartment. My pet likes to sleep on it.“

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