The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 75

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 75

As soon as Kai got into the car, he spoke frankly and took off his sunglasses, revealing the disdain in his eyes.

Kai noticed that the son of a b*tch Eric Ferguson was at the airport as well.

Nicole nodded and looked calm. “Yeah, his lover came back.“

Eric Ferguson’s presence was impossible to ignore, and someone as sharp as Kai must have been able to spot him.

“Hah! That woman by his side? Tsk tsk, is he blind?“

Nicole hooked her lips. “He has a unique taste, I guess. By the way, the photos of us at the airport just now will definitely be posted online. Do you want to get your PR people to deal with it?“

Kai was not bothered and grunted. “No need. I wanna let people see how sought-after my sister is!“

If not for Eric Ferguson’s sudden appearance, Kai would not have willingly exposed Nicole, but since he appeared, Kai wanted to show that jerk that Nicole was an eligible woman.

Nicole could capture the attention of thousands of men!

“My dearest brother, do you know how many scandals I’ve been in lately? I’m practically part of your entertainment industry now! “ Nicole laughed helplessly. The frequency of Nicole being on the headlines was envied by many in showbiz.

“Join us then! With me around, you can take your pick in whichever circle you want! “

The air pressure in the car that was at the entrance of the airport was extremely low.

Mitchell asked warily, “President, where should we go now? Should we send Ms. Quade back to the hotel?“

Wendy Quade hurriedly looked at Eric. “I want to go home first. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your parents. I bought them some gifts.“

Eric’s eyes were deep and his face sank. “You should visit the Carters first. Hendrick’s death anniversary is coming up. Isn’t this why you came back?“

Somehow, Eric seemed a bit repulsed by Wendy’s request.

‘Have I indulged her too much and allowed her to get close to me, so much so that even Nicole misunderstood our relationship?’

At the thought of Nicole, an image suddenly appeared in Eric’s mind. The tall and handsome Kai held Nicole tightly in his arms, yet Nicole did not struggle one bit. The two of them even embraced

each other and walked out of the airport in full view of the public. That scene was particularly irksome to Eric.

Wendy froze. She could sense Eric’s revulsion and felt a slight tremor in her heart. She immediately said, “Yeah, but the Carters would be even more depressed if I go, that’s why I thought of going over later…“

Eric did not care for Wendy’s explanation. Mitchell, who was sitting in the front, glanced at the pair in the backseat from the rearview mirror and instantly looked away. This atmosphere was rather uncomfortable.

Wendy clenched her fists and bit her lower lip. Suddenly, her eyes flickered.

“I think I saw Nicole earlier. Doesn’t she have a thing with Grant Stanton? How did she get involved with Kai the big movie star? I noticed that after your divorce, she seemed to be quite carefree in her love life, surrounded by different men all the time…

Mitchell, don’t you think so?“

Once Wendy saw Eric’s increasingly gloomy face, she hurriedly threw the ball to Mitchell so that he could say a few words and help her out of this situation.

However, Mitchell, who was named, did not plan to answer her question. Instead, he kept his head down and looked at the tablet in his hand, pretending not to have heard her because he was busy with some work arrangements.

A full ten seconds passed and no one spoke. This instigation failed.

Wendy clenched the clothes in her hand and saw that the car had stopped at the hotel entrance. A trace of shock flashed across her face.

“Eric, I…“

Wendy did not want to stay at the hotel. Now that Nicole had left the Ferguson family, she finally had the opportunity to stay at the Ferguson Villa in a dignified manner!

Eric looked at his watch and did not get out of the car. He swept an indifferent glance at her. “You should spend more time with Hendrick’s parents. I’ll have someone send you back to France after Hendrick’s death anniversary.”

Wendy’s face stiffened for a moment. ‘He wants me to leave the country again? Do I really have no chance at all?’

“Drive!” Eric commanded.

“Wait…” Wendy stepped forward. Her eyes red as she said, “Are you still mad at me? Is it because I accused Nicole last time? Isn’t that all in the past now? You don’t even like her, so why do you care so much about this? If you’re still not satisfied, I can apologize to her…”

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