The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 74

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 74

Nicole was looking down at her phone with a wide smile when she suddenly heard someone in the crowd shout, “Eric! “

She subconsciously inclined her head to look in the direction of the voice. A familiar face came out from the exit, which made Nicole’s smile instantly stiffen.

‘Wendy Quade? What a coincidence!’

Eric Ferguson came to pick Wendy up with his assistant Mitchell. Wendy’s eyes turned red the moment she saw Eric. She could not help but run up and hug him.

The pair’s entangled figures were particularly piercing to Nicole’s eyes. Nicole thought that she was over it, but her heart still could not help but throb with pain. There was an astringent and heavy feeling in her chest, and time seemed to freeze at that moment.

Before Nicole came back to her senses, an arm wrapped around her shoulders from behind and pulled her into a tight embrace. When Nicole smelled this familiar scent, she instantly snapped back to her usual self. She pulled the large hand that covered her eyes and pouted.

“K, how old are you that you still like to spook people?“

Kai’s handsome and elegant face was right in front of her. His features were so exquisite like a carefully carved sculpture without the slightest flaw. It was

truly a face that women would be jealous of.

He wore sunglasses and raised his eyebrows as he said, “How could you make me wait for so long?“

“OMG! That’s Kai! He’s out!! “ Someone around them recognized him.

The fangirls immediately came up and surrounded them.

Nicole looked shocked and asked him in a small voice, “Where’s your bodyguard?“

“I sent him home on vacation,“ Kai said calmly. “What do we do then?“

“You have to protect me, of course…“ Kai fully entrusted Nicole with his safety.

Nicole was baffled.

The crowd was getting bigger by the second. Everyone saw Kai, so in a moment, the airport was bustling with fangirls’ screams.

Kai held Nicole protectively in his arms to prevent her from being pushed away by the crowd while countless people began to raise their phones and cameras and shouted Kai’s name.

‘I’m regretting this. I shou1d’ve known not to come! ‘ Nicole thought.

She lowered her head and covered her face, not wanting to be in the shot, but there was no way she could avoid those cameras. Some people in the crowd who frequently surfed the internet and followed the gossip column recognized Nicole.

“Isn’t that woman in Kai’s arms that Nicole? The one who’d just divorced Eric Ferguson?“

“Yeah! That’s THE Nicole! Why are they together?“ “Are they in a relationship?“

This news spread like wildfire!

The shocking gossip about a famous movie star overwhelmed the crowd.

Nicole just felt like finding a place to burrow into or wanted to turn around to leave. However, when she turned around, she saw countless flashing lights and a solid wall of people, so she gave up on that thought.

“What should we do now? “ Nicole gritted her teeth.

Kai flashed a charming smile and did not avoid his fans. Instead, he hugged Nicole tighter and walked with a steady pace towards the exit.

The fans in front of him also retreated step by step.

“Thank you all for your support, but please don’t scare my girl…“

“Ahhhh!!! “ Everyone  started screaming.

Nicole had no other choice. She could not keep her head nestled in Kai’s chest while walking, so she straightened her back and smiled stiffly.

The woman, who had Kai’s arm wrapped around her shoulders, at this moment did not realize that tomorrow, she would be on the front-page headlines of the tabloids.

Nicole casually glanced around and happened to see Eric Ferguson looking coldly in their direction. He was also standing with Wendy Quade at the door.

She paused and her smile became less stiff. Instead, she was rather calm and relaxed.

‘I wonder what’s it like for a new lover and ex-wife to appear at the same time? They’re the real scums who act so righteous and dignified. I’m so much better than them and have nothing to be ashamed of! ‘ Nicole thought.

When Nicole and Kai got out of the airport, the fans still wanted to chase after them, but Kai suddenly turned around and made a hush gesture. “Go back home, everyone! I also need some rest! “

Everyone listened to him. Although the noise levels did not decrease, no one came after him again.

“Where’s the car?“ Kai patted Nicole’s head.

Nicole hurriedly led him to the parking spot. Kai inspected it and said, “This is a good car. I’ll buy one later.“

‘His garage is bigger than mine and is already filled to the brim with cars yet he still wants to buy another one?!’ Nicole thought.

“Well, if you like it, I’ll let you drive it. You won’t like it for long anyway.“

Kai changed cars faster than he changed clothes.

“If I’m not mistaken, that bastard Eric Ferguson was here, right?“

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