The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 73

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 73

Nicole took down Molly Stewart’s phone number and came out of the lab holding the little tiger.

Gerard Lichman was a little surprised that Nicole came out so quickly. Nicole smiled and held up the little tiger in her hand.

“Molly gave it to me, can I take it away?“

Gerard looked shocked for a moment, then smiled. “ Of course, it’s her personal belongings and has nothing to do with the company. Since she gave it to you, you can take it away.“

He walked over and touched the little tiger. “ Goodbye Little Traitor, behave yourself…“

“Hmph! I’m finally going home with the pretty lady! “

Gerard laughed helplessly. “Let’s get going then. I’ll send you back.“

When Nicole got home, Nicole wanted to have some bonding time with the little tiger, but her phone suddenly rang. She saw that it was a video call from her third brother, Kai.

Since the tiger entered the apartment, it looked left and right like a curious baby. It saw the luxurious decor and expensive furniture and was in awe. It wagged its tail and finally jumped on the sofa, sitting on an Hermes scarf worth over $100,000 as a soft cushion, then nestled in a comfortable position.

Since Kai’s debut, he had won six film awards and even tried to make a name in the international film scene after conquering Hollywood. His face was simply flawless and was certainly a gift from God. A hook of his lips could make countless fans scream.

“You, baby sister! You got prettier, I see…“

Nicole flipped her hair and said nonchalantly, “Oh well, I can’t help that I’ve always been beautiful…“

Kai laughed and admired Nicole’s shamelessness. “To celebrate your divorce, I put off my next shooting and will be back home by tomorrow. Remember to pick me up at the airport! “

Before Nicole could agree to it, Kai hung up the phone. Nicole helplessly stroked the little tiger’s head. “Do you not have a name? What’s your name?“

“My name is Baby.“ The little tiger put its face on her palm.

Nicole laughed helplessly. “Why don’t I give you a name? What about Tigger? From now on, you’ll be Tigger. Do you like it?“

The little tiger liked the name and nodded. “I like it! I’m Tigger, a big and powerful tiger! Roar! “

Tigger was no different from a real tiger cub when it slept and could be energetic all day after sleeping for a few hours. Molly Stewart was simply a genius!

‘No wonder Molly likes Maverick… Only geniuses can appreciate each other, right?’

The next morning, Tigger climbed into bed and woke Nicole up. “Mama, get up! “

It used its little paws to pull away Nicole’s quilt, so she felt a sudden chill. Tigger hurriedly snuggled up to her. “Mama, you said that you’re going to the airport…“

‘Airport?’ Nicole froze and got up in a hurry. ‘Oh right! I almost forgot! Kai’s coming back today!’

“Wait, did you just call me Mama?“

Tigger laid on top of her and licked her palm with its little tongue. “Molly Stewart said that whoever names me is my mama! “

“Can’t you call me Nikki?“

Tigger’s stripes on its forehead were twisted.

“Nikki Mama?“ Tigger did not understand the difference between the various names.

“Forget it… Mama will do.“

Since Tigger said it in such a cutesy way, Nicole accepted it.

“How did you know that I needed to go to the airport?“

“I have a good memory! “ Tigger said proudly.

Nicole laughed. “Okay, then you can stay at home by yourself. I need to pick someone up first.“

She hurriedly got out of bed, washed up, and picked a low-profile long black dress that was very elegant with diamonds at the edge of the cuffs and collar. It was quite the smart casual attire.

Nicole drove her low-profile Cayenne and had a smooth journey to the airport.

There were a lot of people at the airport, especially young girls that were gathered at the arrivals. ‘Are they here for Kai?’

Nicole was right. One of the girls carried a huge sign that read, “Kai Kai Kai, you’re the apple of my eye!”

She inadvertently saw it and almost laughed out loud. She hurriedly took a picture and sent it to the family group chat.

(Baby Sister Nicole: This is the first time I’m questioning K’s name! ]

(Big Brother Grant: It should be “Kai Kai Kai, you make me wanna die!”]

(Second Brother Maverick: The signboard’s material looks like a composite board made of *insert science gibberish that no one else understands*.]

(Third Brother Kai: How dare you insult me! I’m gonna tell Dad to beat y’all up! ]

(Dad: I didn’t see anything…]

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