The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 71

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 71

Nicole was stunned and surprised as she squatted down to pick up the tiger. “Hey little guy, it’s you again?“

The little tiger rubbed against her shoulder and spoke in a cute voice, “I ‘m not a little guy, I ‘m a big and mighty tiger! Roar! “

Nicole was amused and looked at Gerard. “It actually remembers me?“

“It has a good memory.“ Gerard laughed and then whispered, “After all, it’s not a real tiger… Shh…

Don’t let it hear what I said.“

“I heard that! I don’t like you anymore… Hmph ! “ The tiger looked away and narrowed its eyes in anger.

Gerard touched his nose while the curly-haired man came over to them and said, “So you’re the pretty lady he’s been going on and on about?“

The man had a big head of curly hair and wore black- framed glasses. He looked like a stereotypical scientist and looked to be in his twenties.

“This little traitor came back and showed off to us saying that he saw a pretty lady. It always had very high standards when it comes to aesthetics, so we were curious. We were just talking about it when you came.“

Nicole smiled in surprise. She lowered her head to stroke the little tiger’s head. It squinted in enjoyment and said proudly, “She’s pretty, right?

Isn’t she so beautiful?“ “You’re called Little Traitor?“

The little tiger grunted unhappily and looked away, refusing to answer her question.

Gerard explained while he laughed. “I don’t know who designed its character. It’s quite the neophile and always changes its allegiance, so everyone calls it Little Traitor.“

“I designed it ! What’s wrong with this character?“

While they were talking, a small round-faced girl with big eyes came out from next door and glared indignantly at Gerard. She looked at the tiger in Nicole’s arms and reached out to it. “Come here. Let me carry you…“

The tiger shook its head and refused. Its paws held onto one of Nicole’s arms tightly. “No, no! I want Pretty Lady to carry me…“

The girl’s lips twitched at the corners. She gritted her teeth and scolded it. “Little traitor! “

Everyone was amused. Nicole laughed and looked at the girl. “Did you design this tiger?“

The girl glanced at Nicole. “Wow… You really are beautiful…“ She smiled with squinted eyes and replied, “Yeah, I designed it.“

Gerard coughed and introduced them. “Ms. Nicole, this is Molly Stewart, a famous genius scientist in the industry and the leader of our collaborative project. Molly, this is Ms. Nicole, our partner. You can show her around. I’ll go see the others.“

Nicole was a bit shocked. This girl only looked to be in her early twenties, yet she was already the project leader?

Molly smiled and nodded. “No problem, leave it to me!“

Gerard smiled and pulled the curly-haired man with him. Nicole looked at Molly with a smile. “Ms. Stewart, you look so young…“

Molly was naturally friendly with Nicole and went over to take her arm. “Call me Molly. I’m twenty- three years old. Ms. Nicole, are you very rich?“

She dragged Nicole to her lab. Nicole froze slightly. Molly chuckled and said, “Gerard said that anyone who can be our partner in this project must be very rich, and I like to make friends with rich people! “

The little tiger snorted and muttered, “Superficial woman…“

“Shut up or I’ll dismantle you! “ Molly scolded the tiger.

The little tiger shuddered in fear and hid in Nicole’s arms. It was so aggrieved and dared not speak again.

Nicole laughed and thought that this girl was very interesting. “Our company has money.“

‘I finally know where this little tiger’s temper came from! It’s just like Molly!’ Nicole thought.

Molly’s laboratory was huge and surrounded by transparent blue walls that had all kinds of formulas popping up constantly. There were all sorts of robot parts and many precision instruments here. It was quite dazzling to look at. There was also a protruding LCD screen on the wall with a picture of an extremely familiar person to Nicole.

”Maverick? ! ”

‘Isn’t this Second Brother? ! ‘ Nicole thought.

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