The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 67

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 67

Eric thought, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever received Nicole’s calls…’

Mitchell hesitantly spoke, “l’ve mentioned it to you once before, but at that time, you said not to report such trivial matters to you. You also said in front of both me and Ms. Nicole that aside from things related to Ms. Quade, you don’t want to be contacted about unimportant matters from Imperial Gardens, so… I guess that’s why Ms. Nicole stopped calling you…”

His volume gradually decreased as he seemed to notice the air around Eric getting colder.

Eric rubbed his brow and seemed to remember this scene. Back then, they were at their villa in Imperial Gardens, but Eric was only thinking of Wendy Quade’s excessive blood loss and seemed to ignore another pair of expectant eyes that slowly became desolate.

He had only given Nicole the nominal marriage that she wanted, yet he chipped away at her heart and drew her blood.

His heart suddenly felt so painful that it was hard to breathe.

It seemed like he was beginning to get an answer to how Nicole went from being cautious to disheartened.

“President, the meeting…“

“Go and make an appointment with Nicole. I want to meet her.“ Eric knew that Nicole would not answer his call, and rashly showing up at her office was also rude.

“Their reply has been very clear. Ms. Nicole is not available, “ Mitchell said.

When Eric swept a glance at Mitchell with his gloomy eyes, Mitchell’s heart jumped and a chill gradually spread throughout his body. Mitchell immediately added, “But I will keep contacting them until we get an appointment.“

“Get out. The meeting will be held as planned.“

“Yes, sir.“ Mitchell let out a sigh of relief after he retreated respectfully.

‘Why bother? What’s the use of being attentive to her after the divorce?’

Stanton Corporation.

A few minutes after sending Old Master Ferguson away, Logan returned to Nicole’s office and conveyed word for word what he had just heard to Nicole so that she could be prepared.

Once Nicole heard this, she laughed coldly. Old Master Ferguson had never liked her, so Nicole had already expected that he would not hold back when dealing with her. However, she never thought that he would make up scandals about her private life.

‘He wants to keep me from marrying into an affluent family? That’s cruel!’

If an ordinary woman was treated like this, she would be ostracized for life.

Nicole intended to return the pipe after messing with them for a few days. However, she no longer wanted to let go of it now that they tried to mess with her.

Her phone suddenly rang. The caller ID showed that it was Floyd Stanton.

Nicole waved her hand and said, “You may leave.“

Logan nodded and left. Nicole picked up the call. “ Dad, how many fishes did you catch today?“

Floyd froze for a moment and let out a cold grunt. “ Did that old man Ferguson look for you?“

“Yeah, he just came to my office and called you right in front of me.“ Nicole looked down at her manicure and spoke leisurely.

“Hmph! He still has the audacity to complain to me? Who are they to bully you like this?“ Floyd was furious and cursed. His daughter had suffered a lot when she was with the Fergusons. He did not even go to them to settle the score, yet they dare to complain first?

“Don’t be mad, Dad. I’ve already kicked them out very unceremoniously.“

Floyd grunted. “Well done, Baby. You don’t need to be polite to them. This old geezer doesn’t even know his place. What a scourge! “

Nicole laughed. “Yeah, you’re right. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because I won’t put up with them anymore. If that old geezer comes looking for trouble again, I’ll break that emerald pipe. Then we’ll see who gets the last laugh! “

Floyd was satisfied with his daughter’s reply and praised her. “Yes, do that. We gotta show the Fergusons who’s boss. My daughter is the best! “

After chatting for a few more minutes, Logan knocked on the door and urged, “Vice President Nicole, the planning still needs to be finalized. Should we call for a meeting to discuss it?“

“Sure! “

Nicole then said to her father, “Dad, carry on fishing I need to get back to work now! “

After a busy day, Nicole took her purse and was ready to leave the office. Before she walked out the door, Logan caught up to her. “Vice President Nicole, Mr. Lichman wants to invite you to dinner to talk about some issues related to the J&L project.“

Nicole thought about it and nodded her head in agreement. After all, this was the most important matter at hand.

“Let’s go together.“

Logan nodded. “I’ll go and make the arrangements.“

They drove to the agreed location. To their surprise, they met not only Gerard Lichman but also Eric Ferguson.

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