The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 64

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 64

Nicole said while she walked to the chair behind her desk and sat down. She threw the documents on the desk and turned on the computer.

Old Master Ferguson, who was ignored, became even more infuriated and coldly snorted.

”Nicole, I’ve underestimated you all this while. It looks like you’ re quite capable. No wonder you took the initiative to get a divorce. Turns out you’ve already found your next target. As soon as you divorced Eric, you became the Vice President of Stanton Corporation. It looks like Grant really values you… ”

Nicole laughed and looked at the Fergusons. Ingrid was obviously frightened and did not dare to speak, but the old man came prepared.

”Didn’t your family force me to get a divorce? Chairman Ferguson, you call me back to the Ferguson Villa every week just to lecture me about how lowly and unworthy I am of your high and mighty Ferguson family. Now that we’re divorced, you should be happy about it. Why did you still take the initiative to come to me?”

Nicole did not forget that Old Master Ferguson only got her to go to the Ferguson Villa every week, not for a family reunion, but to embolden Quinn and Ingrid to torment her even more physically and mentally. This was so that Nicole could feel the disparity between herself and the Ferguson family.

It was also because of Old Master Ferguson’s connivance that Quinn and Ingrid went all-out to bully Nicole. All of the servants at the Ferguson Villa also looked down on Nicole because of it.

‘Shouldn’t they be celebrating that their joke of a daughter-in-law willingly retreated?’ Nicole thought.

“What do you mean by that? Are you trying to dig up the past? Is this how you should be talking to your elders? “ Old Master Ferguson was very dissatisfied with Nicole’s attitude.

‘How dare this obsequious woman from back then talk back at me?! Such mutiny! ‘ Old Master Ferguson thought.

Nicole snorted. “This is my office, so there’s no such thing as elders or juniors. There are only superiors and subordinates. I’m only receiving you right now because you’re the Chairman of Ferguson Corporation, so if you have something to say, get to the point. Please don’t waste everyone’s time. After all, you didn’t make a prior appointment and I don’t have much time as I still have a lot of things to deal with.“

She purposely looked at her watch and looked at the grim-faced old man without an expression.

‘Who is he trying to throw a tantrum at? Does he think that I’m still the same stupid woman from three years ago?’ Nicole thought.

“Nicole, how dare you talk to Grandpa like that! Do you want him to faint from anger at his old age?! ‘ Seeing this, Ingrid hurriedly rebuked Nicole. ‘Nicole actually thinks that she’s above everyone?’

Nicole glanced at her and laughed lightly. “I have nothing to do with your family anymore. Do you expect me to stoop so low and put up with your crap? Did you come here uninvited just to get yourself worked up? If that’s the case, I’m sorry for my poor hospitality. I’ll get my assistant to send you off.“

‘I didn’t beg them to come over, so how dare she act so righteously?’ Nicole thought.

Ingrid panicked and looked at Old Master Ferguson. “ Grandpa, I…“

Old Master Ferguson was very shrewd and knew that Nicole did not like being abased. He let out a cold grunt and got to the point.

“Alright, then I’ll be frank with you, Nicole. My daughter-in-law and this girl stole my family heirloom just to show off and didn’t think that they’d get played by you. The emerald pipe is my life.

State your price. How much do you want to let go of it.?

Nicole raised an eyebrow. “Oh, so you came because of this…“ She deliberately stretched her sentence. “ I’ve already said that I’m not selling that thing.“

Old Master Ferguson’s face was glum. His body became tense as he glared at her. “Just state your price. I don’t care how much you ask for. If you miss this opportunity, you’ll never get it again! “

Nicole knew that Ferguson Corporation was rich, but she was not poor either and did not need this so- called opportunity.

“Chairman Ferguson, didn’t you also give me the same opportunity to state my price when you asked me to divorce Eric in the beginning? I didn’t state my price back then, and I certainly don’t want your money now.“

They had all thought that Nicole only married Eric for money. Thus, in their three years of marriage, except for the money Eric gave her after every blood transfusion, the Ferguson family did not let her touch a penny of their money and watched her like she was a thief. Nicole was well aware of it all.

Old Master Ferguson’s face was grim. His face sank and his breathing became heavier due to anger.

“Nicole, you just hate our family and want to make things difficult for us, huh? You deliberately kept the emerald pipe from Grandpa, right?’

Ingrid was agitated and shouted at Nicole, wanting to expose Nicole’s vile intentions.

Nicole shrugged her shoulders. “Yup…“

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