The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 62

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 62

To the butler, Young Lady Stanton should not drive herself. She should be chauffeured around wherever she went. Otherwise, it was considered his dereliction of duty.

Nicole laughed and said, “Mr. Anderson, there’s no need for that. I can drive myself to work. Don’t worry.“

She did not say much and hung up the phone. She drove the car out of the garage and went to the office.

There was no traffic, so she had a smooth journey. However, Nicole was a little perplexed why other cars on the road were actively avoiding her. Even when she was waiting at a red light, the cars in front and behind her were several meters away.

‘Is it because I ‘m a female driver? ‘ Nicole thought.

When Nicole got to the office, she gave her keys to the parking valet and went into the lobby. From the corner of her eye, Nicole noticed that Samantha Lindt was glaring at her indignantly with an undisguised resentment.

Nicole was baffled. ‘Did she find out that I’d given Grant the recording? She shouldn’t know so soon… ‘

“Ms. Lindt, why didn’t you go upstairs when you’re already here?“

Samantha coldly snorted and looked askance at her. “ Mr. Stanton must really like you to give you such an expensive car. It has to be more than $2 million, right?“

‘Otherwise, how can Nicole afford to buy a Porsche Cayenne? Looking at the features, it’s also the highest specs! ‘

Nicole frowned and remembered something. She laughed lightly and flipped her hair to the back. “It’s just a car. Why would I need someone to buy it for me? I can afford it myself…“

She gently swept a glance at Samantha’s reddened face and went to the President’s private elevator as if nothing had happened.

‘Did she think that she can buy me off with a used Audi?’ Nicole thought.

Logan met Nicole upstairs and briefed her about the meeting later.

Nicole walked into the conference room in her high heels. Samantha also went in at the same time.

Nicole swept a glance at the crowd and saw that everyone was present. “Let’s begin.“

They had reached a consensus with J&L Corporation on the direction of this cooperation. The rest was about the in-depth details. All their profits and interests lie in these ubiquitous details. Every little detail entailed huge profits, so they needed to discuss more.

Some of the shareholders were also department heads. They were already very dissatisfied with the parachuted Nicole. Thus, they were not so proactive with Nicole since Grant was not around.

Those shareholders argued on a few aspects and delayed progress. When Nicole’s people proposed an idea, they would excuse themselves and shirk off the responsibility. She swept a glance at the group and knew that they were just here to watch a show.

Samantha Lindt just sat on the side and sneered. Micah Zielinski also attended the meeting, which was rare, but he did not say a word. He watched as the others put Nicole in a difficult position and smiled like an old fox.

”Vice President Nico le, you’ re still young after all. Although you managed to take this J&L Corporation’s project, it’s still not mature in this field and it’s uncertain whether it’ll make or lose money. Thus, we naturally won’t dare to risk too much. Vice President Nicole, you have to understand how the rest of us feel about it…”

Nicole hooked her lips. ”Understand your feelings? Mr. Zielinski, do you mean that you want to break our contract with J&L Corporation?”

Micah Zielinski was stunned for a moment and thought, ‘How did it turn into me wanting to break the contract? Grant Stanton will kill me when he returns!’

”Of course not ! It’s just that Mr. Stanton is out of the country, so we can’ t make this decision. Why don’t we put it on hold and wait for the President to come back… ”

‘He wants to stall time? Every minute is an opportunity and crucial in this new field of development. If Stanton Corporation loses dominance and no longer have a say in this project, it’ll be pointless even if we’re involved in it.’ Nicole thought.

Nicole lowered her head and smiled. Her eyes darkened and her face grew cold as she looked at the people at the table.

“So, all of you won’t work if Mr. Stanton doesn’t come back? Are you going on strike?”

Everyone did not expect the always good -tempered Nicole to suddenly get angry. Although Nicole looked like a pampered mistress, she was certainly not easy to fool.

“All of you are the best in the industry. If you repeatedly delay the progress just because the boss isn’t here, will you bear the final losses? Can you afford to? Which company will want to hire such people?”

Nicole’s gaze was cold and stern as she swept a glance at the people in the room.

‘They want to give me a hard time in Grant’s absence? It’s a pity that I’m not a pushover!’

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