The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 53

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 53

Nicole had long since blocked Eric and cut off all contact with him. She did not expect to see his name in Ian’s post. ‘This circle is just too small…’

Eric’s comment: (Knock-off.]

It did not do much damage, but it was quite insulting. Ian angrily left a dozen comments below cursing Eric Ferguson. However, there was no other reply

from Eric. The “war“ was over.

Nicole rolled her eyes helplessly. “Ian doesn’t have anything better to do, huh?“

“He’s really interested in you. Everyone can see that. Why don’t you give him a chance? You can take advantage of this opportunity to annoy the crap out of Eric Ferguson…“

“I won’t be romantically interested in my closest and dearest friends. If I was interested in him, I’d have made a move on him long ago, so stop spouting nonsense…“

Nicole frowned thinking of how she should solve this situation with Ian.

“Then forget it. I’ve got my eye on a necklace. Wanna come with me to take a look?“ There was always something to talk about between girls.

Nicole nodded and needed some retail therapy. The two came out of the restaurant and made a beeline to a specialized jewelry store.

Yvette had booked this necklace long ago and when the attendant took it out, it was absolutely stunning.

”This necklace is the final work of the famous designer Pire. You ladies have a great eye. Would you like to try it? ” The girl at the counter could see at a glance that these two ladies wearing such expensive- looking clothes were not ordinary customers and introduced the store’s latest products to them.

Yvette nodded and handed it to Nico le. ”Try it on.”

The two ladies were like sisters and did not mind who bought what. Although Nicole did not shop often, she had plenty of jewelry. Every holiday or birthday, her brothers’ gifts to her were enough to fill out a warehouse. She would get the latest models of jewelry on the market without asking for it.

However, going to shops and trying on jewelry was certainly more enjoyable. Nicole picked up the necklace to try it on when she heard a taunting voice from behind.

”Try it on? Can she even afford it? Hey you, you shouldn’t just let anybody try on your store’s jewelry because her odor will cling onto the necklace and you won’t be able to sell it… ”

Ingrid and her groupies were shopping and just happened to see this scene. The smell of barbeque from Nicole and Yvette’s lunch earlier was stuck on their clothes, so Ingrid could not help but speak out.

She had sustained a miserable defeat the last time at Nicole’s hands and was so angry that she did not have an appetite for a few days.

Yvette’s face turned cold. “What does it have to do with you?“

Ingrid walked over arrogantly and said, “I want this necklace! Don’t let anyone try it because I’m afraid it’ll get dirty.“

She gritted her teeth and stared at Yvette, then sneered at Nicole. “How much pocket money did your sugar daddy give you? You probably don’t have enough to buy it, right? It’s better if you just save it.”

“Please wrap it up for me,“ Nicole said to the store attendant as she put down the necklace.

She glanced at Ingrid with a cold and clear gaze that carried a hint of warning. Ingrid was startled and almost felt the fear of that day again. However, Ingrid was soon emboldened.

Ingrid thought that she was surrounded by people and the jewelry store’s security guards, so Nicole would not have the guts to make a move on her here.

“I said that I’ll take this necklace, “ Ingrid interjected. She would not let Nicole have her way no matter what.

The store attendant spoke hesitantly, “Sorry, but these two ladies came first…“

“What did you say? I ‘m a VIP customer and should get the best treatment! I should get priority on whatever I fancy! “ Ingrid glared at Nicole smugly.

The rules of this store were that VIP customers had the right to pick first.

The store attendant glanced apologetically at Yvette and Nicole and was about to take the necklace away when Nicole gently put her hand on it. The corner of her lips hooked up slightly.

Nicole took out a special black gold card from her bag, which was an exclusive VVVIP special card recognized internally by all international luxury brand stores. It was only given to ten celebrities in the world and even a certain royal family did not have a chance to see it. It was extremely precious and rare.

With this card, one could enjoy the best treatment in whichever luxury brand store in the world.

The store attendant took a look at the card and was stunned for several seconds. “M-Miss, I’ll wrap it up for you right away.“

She no longer heeded Ingrid’s words and moved quickly.

Ingrid was still in shock and reluctantly questioned her. “This is a fake, right? Don’t let her fool you! “

Although Ingrid had not seen or touched this card before, this card was a legend of its own in the gentry circle. The photos of this legendary card that were occasionally leaked left a deep impression on Ingrid.

The card in Nicole’s hand was the said legendary card.

‘How did she get it? What right did she have to own that card? How can she hold that card?’

The store manager immediately came over to drive away other customers. ”We have to ask you to leave immediately because we’ll now have to serve this customer exclusively.” Nicole snickered. Yvette could not help but say, ” Hurry up and kick her out. She’s such an eyesore ! ”

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