The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 52

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 52

The man was prepared and stripped his shirt without any fluctuation in his expression. He exposed his chest and posed according to instructions. Nicole was the only woman there and was dumbfounded when she saw this. Her cheeks flushed red and she hurriedly looked at Gerard Lichman.

“What’s this…“

“We’re collecting various samples of the human physique in order to create different humanoid companions according to different preferences.“

Nicole finally understood after Gerard’s simple explanation.

She clenched her teeth and thought, ‘What an enjoyable job…’

Gerard’s assistant hurriedly came in and whispered a few words into his ear. Gerard looked serious and turned to Nicole.

“Vice President Nicole, please continue to stay and keep watch here for a while. I need to take some of these guys with me.“

As soon as he spoke, everyone immediately followed him out.

Nicole was left dumbfounded alone. She touched the “tiger“ in her arms and muttered to herself, “Do we have to continue?“

Before she had time to think, the next person came into the room. She sat there without lifting her head and stared at the LCD screen on the table. She was waiting for the person to go up and automatically appear on the screen while she tried to calm herself down.

“Start stripping…“

Nicole spoke in the same tone as the staff earlier. It was calm, routine, and perfect!

The person in front of her did not move, so she frowned and urged him.

The man still did not move, so Nicole urged him again. “What’s there to be shy about? It’ll be quick…“

Nicole got impatient and raised her head. At that moment, her brain buzzed. The man in front of her had deep and dark eyes with a cold glint. It was none other than Eric Ferguson.

She quickly regained composure and frowned slightly. ‘Isn’t Ferguson Corporation scheduled to come a few days later? Why is he here now?’

The atmosphere was momentarily stagnant. None of them spoke. Fortunately, Gerard Lichman returned in time. “Vice President Nicole, I forgot to tell you that…“

‘Mr. Ferguson will be coming today…’

Gerard saw the other two people in the room and sensed the awkward atmosphere. He froze for a moment and said, “Oh, you’ve met…“

‘I was still a step too late…’

Eric stared at Gerard. “What’s this about stripping?“ Gerard came to his senses and laughed. “Oh, right! Mr. Ferguson, you have a great figure too. Why don’t you take off your clothes so that we can scan your body and take a sample? Vice President Nico le, are you also interested? I wonder who will have the opportunity to pick a robot with Mr. Ferguson’s figure… ”

Nicole stood up and said with a straight face. ”I ‘m not interested.”

She was about to leave , but the ”tiger” in her arms suddenly jumped down and ran to Eric’s feet. It rubbed its head on Eric’s feet and tugged on Eric’s pants with its two little paws as it whined, ”Papa… Carry me… ”

Nicole turned her head in shock. Eric’s face was cold and sullen as he bent down and grabbed the ”tiger” by the neck. Its four legs were struggling in the air

and protested as if it was extremely uncomfortable. ” Don’t grab me by the neck… It’s so uncomfortable… ”

Eric was annoyed and held the tiger in his arms. He did not seem surprised and seemed to know the tiger’s temperament very well. Eric raised his eyes to look at Nicole and wanted to say something, but Nicole just glanced at the tiger coldly and grunted before she turned around and left without looking back.

Gerard looked at Eric’s increasingly glum face and could not help but laugh lightly. ”She was so into the tiger just now and I was worried that she’d ask for it, but once you touched it, she didn’t even want to look at it anymore… ”

Eric glanced at him coldly. Gerard touched his nose and was sensible enough to shut up.

Once Nicole left the building, she received a call from Yvette, who was asking her to come out for lunch at a nearby mall.

Nicole was upset about earlier and needed to relax, so she informed Logan and went to meet Yvette.

The two of them went to a newly opened restaurant. Yvette had already made a reservation in advance, so they did not need to queue for a place. They ordered a feast. When they were almost done eating, Yvette looked at her phone and laughed out loud.

She handed her phone to Nicole and said, “Look at this dumb*ss Ian!”

Nicole glanced at it and saw Ian’s new post. Ian had cropped out the photo of Nicole and Eric dancing and replaced Eric’s face with his own. The caption: [This is more like it!]

Keith was among the people who liked the post. Unexpectedly, Eric left a comment below.

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