The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 50

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 50

Samantha Lindt hated Nicole, but since Nicole had something over her head, Samantha dared not get into an all-out fight with her.

“My experience in leading teams is no less than those on the list, and my performance is one of the best among the senior managers. Vice President Nicole, are you still holding a grudge against me because of what happened last time?“

Samantha was obviously a bit discontented.

Nicole lowered her eyes and laughed. “No, I don’t hold a grudge against you, but I do remember that you were against cooperating with J&L before this. I’m just afraid your attitude will affect our cooperation, so…“

“I will comply with the company’s decision.“ Samantha eagerly showed her allegiance.

Nicole gave her a perfunctory smile. “This list has been announced at the board meeting, so I’m afraid there’s no way to change it now. Let’s talk about it next time we have the chance…“

She started to pack up the things on her desk, giving Samantha an obvious signal that she was done with this conversation.

Samantha gritted her teeth and said, “I’m sure it can still be changed. Vice President Nicole, just wait and see.“

She then turned on her heels and left Nicole’s office with confidence. Nicole’s gaze was deep as she raised her eyebrow. ‘Great! She took the bait.’

In the afternoon, Logan called Nicole’s office phone. “Director Zielinski wants you to meet him at his office.“

‘An old man that’s about to retire?’ Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Sure.“

Aside from Grant and Logan, no one in the company knew of Nicole’s real identity. As the newly instated Vice President, Nicole would like to see what Micah Zielinski wanted to talk to her about.

Micah liked to engage in speculative trading. He only became a member of Stanton Corporation’s board of directors through special means and had refused to let go ever since. However, he did not have many shares in the company and was not considered a threat, so they let him be.

Nicole knocked on Micah’s office door and heard a tired voice coming from inside, “Come in.“

She smiled and went in. “Mr. Zielinski, you were looking for me?“

Micah’s eyes lit up when he saw her, but he suddenly thought of something and instantly looked regretful.

“Come, sit down.“ He pointed to the seat in front of him.

Nicole took a seat.

Micah smiled and coughed slightly. “Ms. Nicole, you’re very pretty. No wonder Grant was willing to disregard so many objections and forcefully pushed you into this position.“

Nicole’s smile deepened. ‘So…he didn’t like that Grant’s backing me?’

She did not explain anything and just smiled at him.

Micah saw that she was not carrying on the conversation and coldly snorted. “Do you know that your position was originally reserved for Samantha Lindt?“

‘Is he trying to scare me?’

Nicole paused for a moment and said, “Ms. Lindt is certainly capable, but I’m more suitable for this position.“

Micah’s face instantly sank and threatened her. “ Young people who are arrogant in the workplace and have no respect for their elders will suffer.“

Nicole smiled and stood up. “Then I can only prove myself with my capabilities. Mr. Zielinski, if there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave.“

“Nicole! “ Micah was a little anxious. He was dissatisfied with the direction of this meeting and instructed, “Add Samantha Lindt to J&L Corporation’s project team.“

Nicole’s smile widened. ‘It is really him…Samantha Lindt’s backer is such a miserable old man? Did she think that I’d be intimidated by this old geezer? How absurd! ‘

Micah saw that Nicole only smiled without a word. His face turned glum. “Did you hear what I just said?“


Micah’s expression eased slightly. Nicole continued, “But I can’t do that.“

“What do you mean?“

“It won’t be fair to the others.“

“Nicole, do you think that you’re safe just because you have Grant? Do you believe that I’ll…“ Micah was exasperated and threatened her.

“Fire me? I don’t believe that the board will fire me because of Samantha Lindt. I suppose Ms. Lindt didn’t tell you what I have on her when she came crying to you. Please tell her not to mess with me.“

Nicole swept a clear and cold glance at the shocked Micah Zielinski, then stood up and walked out without hesitation.

As soon as she left Micah’s office, she called Grant’s private number.

“What’s wrong, N?“

“There’s something fishy with Micah Zielinski. Samantha Lindt is one of his people. He must be the one who wanted to prevent our cooperation with J&L Corporation in the first place.“

Grant laughed and praised her. “You catch on quick.“ “You already knew about it?“

“How could I not know of the dissent among my company’s board of directors?“

Nicole sighed in relief. “Then I’m relieved.“

“That old fox is not easy to deal with, so I ‘ll handle him. You should just focus on following up on J&L’s cooperation. By the way, I heard that Eric Ferguson plans to personally take charge of this project.” Grant gave her a heads-up.

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