The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 5

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 5

As soon as Floyd Stanton walked over, Nicole jumped into his arms and cried hysterically.

Floyd sighed, heartbroken and angry at his daughter. She had never suffered the slightest bit since she was a child, yet she acted so lowly in front of Eric Ferguson. To make things worse, Eric Ferguson never once appreciated his darling daughter.

If not for their prior agreement, Floyd Stanton would have crushed the Fergusons and beat that bastard to death to avenge his daughter!

“Nikki, remember our agreement? If that bastard doesn’t fall in love with you within three years, you’ll come back to succeed me in the company. Now, you have to abide by our agreement, okay?”

Floyd lovingly stroked his daughter’s hair while she bawled. After a while, Nicole sobbed and spoke intermittently.

“Don’t worry, Dad…I…won’t be…that stupid again…”

To chase after her so-called “true love”, Nicole abandoned her family and friends despite their advice. She gave up her identity, elite status, and luxury lifestyle to fly into her own self-destruction, like a moth to a flame.

That man was finally stripped from her heart, inch by inch, but the pain that she felt was etched in her mind forever.

“Good. Daddy will get your big brother to accompany you. Familiarize yourself with the company first, then we’ll choose a nice day to host a welcome banquet to announce your identity.”

Floyd was excited because his precious baby daughter was finally going to start a career!

Although news of Nicole’s return to the Stanton family had not been announced yet, Nicole’s best friend, Yvette Quimbey, could not wait to see her and came running to her door.

As soon as Yvette saw Nicole, she gave Nicole a big bear hug and said, “Baby, I’ve missed you so much! Congrats on your divorce!”

When Nicole first told them that she would conceal her identity to get married, Yvette was the first to stand up against it, but Nicole still stubbornly married into the Ferguson family and gradually lost contact with Yvette. Now that she saw her best friend after all these years, Nicole’s eyes brimmed with tears again.

The two ladies chatted for a long time about everything under the sun. Finally, Yvette pestered Nicole wanting to see her divorce certificate, so Nicole reluctantly took it out and showed her. When Yvette saw it, she sighed with relief.

“Eric Ferguson, that stupid blind son of a b*tch! He’s gonna regret this!”

Nicole lowered her eyes. “Even if he does regret it, it doesn’t have anything to do with me anymore. He’s a stranger to me now.”

“Well done, Baby! You just need to wave your hand, and your admirers will be lining up from your doorstep to the outskirts of West City! That bastard can’t even get in line!” Yvette scoffed in disdain.

Nicole suddenly remembered that she left some important documents at Eric’s house, so she had to go back to take them. Yvette volunteered to go with her, which Nicole agreed to after some thought.

What Nicole did not expect was to see Eric’s mother, Quinn, as soon as she went back. Quinn always went to their house without notice and walked around like she was the master of the house.

Quinn was very displeased when she saw Nicole return with a stranger. She held her head up high and looked at Nicole and her friend with scorn.

“Nicole, didn’t I tell you that we have a lot of confidential documents in the house? You can’t just bring randos back here. Do you have a goldfish memory?”

Yvette was stunned and spoke up in dissatisfaction. “Who are you calling a rando? Don’t you think you’re too old to be calling people names?”

She was a pampered princess who was loved by everyone. ‘How could she ridicule me like this?’

Yvette could already tell what kind of life Nicole had while she lived here and felt infuriated.

Quinn coldly snorted and gave Yvette a once-over. “Don’t think you can pretend to be elite just by wearing this fake outfit. I’ve seen a lot of low-class people like you who dream of marrying into a rich family!”

Yvette sneered in anger. Nicole’s face sank as she said, “She’s my friend. Please show some respect.”

Nicole had always walked around with her tail between her legs in the Ferguson family and never talked back to Quinn.

‘Now, she dares to reprimand me in front of outsiders? This lowly woman with an unknown background dares to speak to me like this?!’ Quinn thought.

She was furious and yelled, “Respect? Do people of your background even deserve respect? Nicole, you should count your blessings that our family accepts you to be our daughter-in-law. You’ve been living so well in our house for the past three years. Did you forget which mudhole you crawled out from? This girl you brought home is probably just like you. You both smell of poverty, so get the hell out of my house and don’t stain my floors!”

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