The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 47

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 47

After all, Ingrid was now very wretched and could not come out of the bathroom for a while.

Eric looked at Nicole with a deep gaze. There was a complex emotion and scrutiny in his sharp features.

“Why didn’t you say anything when my family treated you like this?“

“What?“ Nicole raised her eyebrows. Her eyes were indifferent and she did not expect him to say that.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?“

‘If she had told me, I’d have stopped my family from doing this to her…I definitely would.’

Eric scrutinized her with his stunning eyes as if he did not want to let go of any hint of emotion on her face.

Nicole laughed. “It’s all in the past and we’re divorced now. I don’t want to mention it again.“

‘What’s the use of talking about it? They will only humiliate me more…’

“Since we’re already divorced, what’s the harm of talking about it? You should at least let me know why you wanted a divorce for no reason, right?“ The man suppressed his violently beating heart in his chest and looked at her with a dark gaze.

“For no reason?“ Nicole hooked up her lips and repeated these three words.

‘What a joke!’

She put away the smile on her face. Her gaze was clear and cold as she glanced at him. ”Eric Ferguson, have we ever met in private in the past three years? Have you ever given me a chance?”

‘Wasn’t he the one who acquiesced to all the bullying that others did to me?’

Every time they met, he had a business-like attitude. All he ever mentioned was Wendy Quade. Nico le felt tormented by that name.

Suddenly, Nicole recalled the time they had just gotten married. She did not understand why Eric was deliberately being cold to her and began to learn how to be a virtuous wife. Every day, she would prepare meals and wait for him to come home. She was afraid to disturb his work, so she dared not even call him.

However, Eric would not come home for several days in a row, so Nicole could not resist sending him a text message asking if he wanted to try her cooking. She never got a reply.

The countless attempts and gestures of goodwill yet getting repeatedly slapped in the face made her feel exhausted and worthless.

Later, when Nicole got used to Eric’s cold shoulder, she learned that she was destined to be alone in their new house and that he would never come back.

They each had their own purpose in this marriage.

Now, Nicole finally freed herself from the past yet he wanted an answer?

If he had treated her as a wife, his family and friends would not dare to laugh so blatantly at her wishful thinking.

‘Wasn’t he the one who took the lead to humiliate me?’

These words pierced his heart like a needle, which gave off a dense soreness in his chest. Eric frowned. “ You actually had many opportunities to tell me…“

‘So it’s my fault?’ Nicole sneered.

Nicole no longer cared about the past. She did not need others to stand up for her. She used to put up with their vile treatment because she loved Eric, but now, she would not endure any of it because she did not love him anymore!

“Mr. Ferguson, you only care about Wendy Quade, so how can you tolerate other women? I’m very impressed that you care more for her than your marriage, so what’s the use of talking about this now?“

“Actually, Wendy is…“ Eric knitted his brows. He wanted to explain to Nicole about his relationship with Wendy when he was coldly interrupted by Nicole.

“That’s enough. I’m repulsed by that name. Mr. Ferguson, it’s best if we pretend not to know each other in the future…“

After that, Nicole strutted away on her high heels without looking back.

Her good mood was ruined. Nicole came out again with a sullen face, just in time to see Grant waiting for her after he was done mingling.

Grant probably heard the others talking about Nicole’s fight with Ingrid earlier because his face was glum, but he looked relieved to see Nicole again.

Nicole walked over with a smile then hugged Grant’s arm petulantly. “Is it over yet? Can we leave early? I’m so tired today…“

Grant dotingly pinched her nose. “We can leave if you’re tired. There’s no need to care about the others.“

Nicole smiled with squinted eyes. ‘Brother’s still the best…’

“Do you need to tell anyone?“

“No, I’ve already said my goodbyes long ago.“ Grant stroked her head. “Let’s go, the driver’s waiting outside.“

Nicole nodded and took Grant’s arm as they walked outside. The handsome man and beautiful woman were an extremely eye-catching pair.

As soon as they went out, Ian caught up to them from behind. “Mr. Stanton, do you mind if I tag along?“

Nicole looked at Grant, but Grant’s face was cold. He had always been reserved and serious to outsiders. “I do mind. It’s out of the way.“

Ian was rendered speechless.

Nicole smiled and waved at him. “See ya later, Carter…”

Ian did not dare to mess with Grant Stanton, so he did not have the guts to cling to Nicole and hitch a ride with them. He could only stand there looking

aggrieved as he watched the siblings get into their car. When the car door closed, Ian quickly went forward in a panic and opened the door on Nicole’s side.

“What are you doing?“ Nicole was startled.

Many people were talking near the entrance, so they also noticed the movement there. With Grant’s status, it was impossible to keep a low profile even if he wanted to.

Ian knelt on one knee and carefully held the hem of Nicole’s dress that was clamped outside the car door. He then put it into the car and smiled looking up at Nicole. “Alright, you can go now. Bye! “

It turned out that Nicole’s dress was caught outside the car door, so Ian deliberately went over to help her with it. In the eyes of the crowd, that gesture was extremely humble.

The men standing on the balcony of the banquet hall on the second floor saw this scene. Keith laughed and looked at Eric who was next to him. “This lapdog Ian surely has a knack for chasing women, huh? He even dares to flirt in front of Grant Stanton?“

Keith assumed that there might be an ambiguous relationship between Grant Stanton and Nicole.

Eric’s eyes were dull. “Let’s go and have a drink with a few others…“

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