The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 43

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 43

Eric Ferguson did not bother to look at Nicole’s expression and walked straight to Ingrid. His face was inexplicably cold.

“Was everything you just said true?“ He asked with gritted teeth.

Ingrid was a little flustered. She bit her lower lip and did not know how to respond.

She grew up around her parents and was not close to her brother, who grew up abroad. After Eric returned to the country, he became a first-class business whiz in the industry and expanded the Ferguson family’s wealth by hundreds of times. This made Ingrid insufferably arrogant.

“Answer me! “ Eric saw Ingrid’s hesitation and forced her to speak.

A crisp, cold scoff came from the left side behind him. Without a thought, he knew that it was Nicole who was laughing.

“Mr. Ferguson, it’s all true.“

As soon as Nicole admitted it, the surrounding people looked at these two people with a complicated gaze. They did not expect that behind Nicole’s bright and beautiful exterior was such an ugly and miserable past.

After hearing Ingrid Ferguson saying it, they felt sympathetic towards Nicole. The scandal online after Nicole and Eric’s divorce did not seem so groundless after all.

It was truly not easy to marry into a rich and powerful family…

Eric’s body stiffened and felt something tightly clenching his heart. It turned out that not only did his close friends despise Nicole, but even the entire Ferguson family were bullying her, and as Nicole’s husband, he was clueless about everything!

Over their three years of marriage, Eric only went back to their house a handful of times. Each time, he only went to talk to Nicole about Wendy’s health condition so that Nicole would willingly go to donate blood. He would also be polite to Nicole and ask if she had enough pocket money before he left her a bank card and left.

Eric had always thought that he had been nice enough to Nicole. It turned out that he had been deceiving himself. He owed her too much!

At this moment, he did not know how he should face Nicole.

His fists were tightly clenched and his whole body was tense.

However, Nicole only laughed lightly. Her voice was pleasant, but it had a piercing chill.

“Mr. Ferguson, you can go home and ask any maid to find out if it’s true, but even if it is, so what?“

‘So what if you find out about it now?’

The others only threw hell at Nicole because they all thought that Eric acquiesced to their actions.

Thus, what did it matter that he found out about it now?

Eric was the least innocent of them all because he stabbed her and left the deepest wound in her heart.

Under the soothing ambient light, Nicole’s bright smile was charming yet dangerous, and her beautiful eyes were extremely cold.

She was unforgiving.

“Mr. Ferguson, if it’s true, what are you gonna do about it? Are you going to let Ms. Ferguson and Mrs. Ferguson kneel to me and apologize? Will you let them do my laundry and cook for me as my maids? Or do you want to get rid of your poor ex-wife, who doesn’t even have a penny to her name, by throwing money at her again?“

Everyone looked surprised. When it came to that point, everyone thought that both sides would just cry and apologize to each other. Someone would compromise and everything would be swept under the rug. They did not expect that Nicole would dare to speak out so blatantly.

The Fergusons were so rich that they did not need a dowry from Eric’s wife. However, being of equal social status was an unspoken rule among the gentry circle. It was just that no one would openly talk about it.

If this drama continued, it would surely get out of hand.

“Apologize? Dream on! “

Ingrid refused to admit defeat. There were so many people watching, so she certainly would not apologize to Nicole.

She glared at Nicole and stubbornly said, “I will never apologize to you. You even want me to kneel and be your maid?! Stop daydreaming! “

“That’s enough! “

Eric dragged Ingrid back with full force. Ingrid hit the railing, which was so painful that her eyes instantly welled up with tears.

He did not bother to glance at Ingrid and looked at Nicole with a complex gaze. He could not fulfill any of those conditions she mentioned earlier, except for money, but would she even accept it?

For the first time, Eric felt powerless. “Nicole, I…”

“Mr. Ferguson, since you can’t do anything, don’t act like you have a guilty conscience. Apologies aren’t worth anything. Are you trying to gain sympathy? Don’t you think you’re being too shameful?”

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