The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 39

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 39

Nicole thought, ‘So that’s how it is…he’s already a shareholder, huh? I just didn’t expect Eric Ferguson had set his eyes on the field of artificial intelligence for so long.’

If Gerard Lichman did not take the initiative to tell Nicole this, Nicole would not have been able to find out. The fact that he told her this information also proved that he genuinely wanted to cooperate with her.

Although Nicole was not happy about Eric’s involvement, she had a clear mind and separated her personal affairs and business well. She would not give up on this opportunity.

Nicole lowered her eyes and smiled. “With Ferguson Corporation’s strength, you can very well enjoy the fruits of this cooperation by yourself. Why do you need a third party to get involved?“

She raised her eyebrows slightly and glanced at Eric.

“After all, this is a brand new field that no one’s involved in, so Ferguson Corporation cannot take this risk alone.“

The man’s voice was deep and clear. The corners of his lips hooked up. “It won’t be a wrong move for Stanton Corporation to choose J&L. I hope we’ll have a pleasant cooperation.“

He raised his glass with his slender and beautiful hand. Gerard Lichman clinked his glass with Eric’s and the two men waited for Nicole’s response.

Since there was no other choice, Nico le could only smile faintly and coldly as she gently raised her glass. The soft clink of the glasses was crisp and pleasant. Everything was settled.

Even though Nicole was not happy about it, there was no way out. Her chest felt stuffy and unpleasant.

Gerard breathed a sigh of relief and noticed the tense atmosphere between the two of them. He tried to ease the situation and said, ”Why don’t you two take the first dance as the opening to our anniversary celebration? I think this is undoubtedly the best way to announce our cooperation.”

Eric frowned slightly. Nico le chuckled and reached out to tuck her hair behind her ears. She smiled perfunctorily and said, ”Sorry, but I don’t know how to dance.”

After saying that, she turned on her heels and left, ignoring Eric’s cold and sullen gaze.

Gerard shrugged his shoulders and said, ”It’s just one dance, but she’s not even willing to. It seems that our future cooperation won’t be very pleasant. Mr. Ferguson, you’ re the first among the elites that have such a messy divorce.”

Eric’s face sank as he stared at Nicole’s swaying dress. His expression turned even more downcast.

‘Don’t know how to dance? Hah ! Then was I blind back at Ian Carter’s restaurant?’

However, Eric suddenly thought of Colton’s words and felt the anger in his chest dissipate. Instead, his heart clenched uncomfortably. ‘I really owe her too much…’

Even if Nicole was upset, she still maintained a graceful smile. When she got downstairs, Grant approached her with a warm smile. “Done?“

Nicole’s dull expression seemed somewhat cold without the joy of closing a deal. This made Grant a little puzzled.

“Eric Ferguson is a shareholder, so Gerard Lichman asked for a three-way cooperation, “ Nicole explained.

Grant paused for a moment and finally understood why Nicole looked so cold. He smiled and stroked her hair dotingly and gently. “It’s okay. That just means we have someone to share the risks with. The benefits in this certainly outweigh the disadvantages.“

Nicole froze for a moment and raised her eyebrows. She suddenly realized that what Eric Ferguson was worried about was exactly Stanton Corporation’s woes as well. The benefits of this three-way cooperation did outweigh the disadvantages.

After Nicole figured it out, the moodiness in her chest was instantly swept away. She smiled and took Grant’s arm, then gently placed her chin on his shoulder as she whined. “G, thanks for reminding me. Otherwise, I would’ve been cursing all of them for days on end! “

Grant could not help but laugh. This intimate scene was an eyesore to a certain onlooker.

Eric stared at the pair from upstairs and watched Grant and Nicole’s intimate gestures. Keith Ludwig came up and scoffed.

“Tsk tsk…I heard that Grant Stanton isn’t close to women, but why is he so attached to this woman? They must have an unspeakable relationship! ”

Eric faintly retracted his gaze with a cold face. He ignored Keith and went downstairs to network with the other guests.

The banquet hall was finally abuzz. Gerard walked over and whispered a few words to the emcee, who then came forward with a microphone.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to J&L Corporation’s 5th anniversary! To celebrate this momentous day, I will announce the latest project partners of J&L Corporation on behalf of Mr. Lichman, which are Ferguson Corporation and Stanton Corporation. Now, let’s invite Mr. Eric Ferguson and Ms. Nicole to share the opening dance!”

The crowd cheered loudly.

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