The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 36

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 36

This new lovers’ restaurant opened right above Keith Ludwig’s restaurant. It was very popular, so Keith had to come and experience it himself and even dragged Eric Ferguson with him.

The waiter stressed over and over again that this was a lovers’ restaurant.

Keith winked at Eric and lightly tugged on Eric’s arm. “Don’t we look like a couple?“

“Ferg, Ludwig, what a coincidence…“

A man and a woman walked over to them. Colton White looked like a typical gentry, and the woman holding Colton’s arm was a recently popular social media influencer with a small common-looking face and big eyes.

Keith snorted lightly. “Why are you here?“

“Lily said this place is nice, so we came to check it out. Isn’t this a lovers’ restaurant?“ Colton implied something and covered his mouth to hold back his laughter.

They were all childhood buddies, so there was no need to evade each other. Eric scowled and glared at Keith.

Colton White felt amused since it was rare to see Eric at a loss like this. He did not leave and invited himself to their table. His date sat opposite Eric.

When Lily saw Eric’s chiseled face, she tried to suppress the excitement in her heart but dared not say anything with Colton around.

“Hey, Ferg. Isn’t that the scheming b*tch?“ Colton lifted his chin slightly in one direction.

The music was pleasant and soothing. Ian dragged Nicole to the dance floor as he said, “It’s just one dance. Since we’re already here, don’t you want to experience the feeling of being on this dance floor? “

Before Nicole could answer, the next song had already started, so it would only attract more attention if she refused. ‘Whatever… It’s just a dance

The music was upbeat. Ian and Nicole’s steps only had a momentary pause in the beginning. Soon after, they matched each other’s rhythm very well and gradually became the focus on the dance floor. The couples around them stopped to look at the pair. The man was devilishly handsome and the woman was elegant and beautiful. The hem of her skirt swayed as she danced and the two of them stole all the attention.

Ian inadvertently saw a certain someone in the corner. When the song ended, he pulled Nicole into his arms, turned around with his back against the crowd, and lowered his head as he embraced the woman tightly. From the perspective of the crowd behind them, they were kissing passionately.

Suddenly, the restaurant resounded with loud applause.

Before Nicole could react, Ian chuckled and pulled her out of the restaurant.

In the corner.

Eric did not speak, but his face was a bit cold.

Keith Ludwig looked at the couple’s departing back and coldly snorted. “It’s not that great.“

Although their dance was comparable to professional dancers, Keith would never admit that Nicole danced well.

“Right? This scheming b*tch hooked up with another guy so soon?“ Colton sneered.

Eric swept a cold glance at Colton when he heard that. “Scheming b*tch? Is that what you guys call her behind her back?“

“Yeah, what else? She did everything she could to marry you for money, didn’t she? We know what she did to trap you, so we’re all happy that you finally divorced her. You don’t have to put up with that shrew anymore…“

Colton did not notice Eric’s increasingly glum face. He recalled some of their old memories and retold them as a joke.

“I remember that when you just got married and we went out drinking together, that woman called in the middle of the night to check on you when you were in the bathroom. I picked up the call and warned her back then to know her place. She’s so ignorant. Can’t she see that marrying you is already an honor for her.

Suddenly, a cup landed heavily on the table. The lively chatter and laughter at the table instantly ceased.

Keith looked puzzled. ‘Eric is clearly angry! Is it because of that woman?’

Colton did not know what he had misspoken. Everyone knew that Eric was forced into his previous marriage.

The influencer was so frightened that she shuddered. She originally thought that she would be able to hook up with someone more powerful, but she did not even get to say a word at the table.

“Ferg…” Colton looked to Keith for help.

Keith was just about to speak when Eric sneered and said, “Colton, why don’t you just become  the Head of the Ferguson family if you like to meddle in my business so much?”

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