The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 32

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 32

Both Mr. Zeller and Samantha Lindt were shaken when they heard Nicole’s words. Mr. Zeller suddenly smiled widely, picked up the bottle of red wine next to him, and poured a glass for Nicole.

“Ms. Nicole, since it’s a negotiation, I came with my sincerity. Why don’t you take a look at this document? As long as you sign it, I won’t treat you badly.“

Mr. Zeller took a file from his bag. The content was similar to the contract Nicole was holding, but the figure was another ten percent lower than the one Samantha had set.

Samantha looked at them and quickly advised her. “ Nicole, what’s the point of you only relying on Grant Stanton? You’d be better off getting a few more backers. Think about it, Grant clearly wants to do you harm because he just left you in this position without even guiding you. He probably won’t marry you either…“

Nicole did not care for Samantha’s sowing of dissension because she probably thought that they were lovers.

‘Is she trying to poach me?’

“Look at the clothes you’re wearing. They don’t even have a brand. Did you buy them off those online catalogs? How do you get to and from work? A taxi?“

Samantha looked askance at Nicole’s brandless getup and tugged on her Chanel suit, as she pursed her lips and smiled.

“To be honest, I’ve been in your shoes. You won’t lose out if you follow Mr. Zeller. He prepared a secondhand Audi for you. With Mr. Zeller’s help on the project, you’ll be able to sit firmly in your position…“

Seeing that Nicole was silent and in deep thought, Samantha thought that she was moved and winked at Mr. Zeller contentedly. She then stood up wobbly and said, “I’m going to the bathroom. You guys can continue the talk.“

Once Samantha went out of the room, her eyes looked sharp. She saw a familiar person sneaking around the bathroom entrance and yanked him over. “Are the things ready?“

The waiter trembled. “T-That drug has been put into the wine…“

“Good.“ Samantha hooked her lips in satisfaction.

The waiter bit his lower lip. “Ms. Lindt, if I ‘m not mistaken, that lady is President Eric Ferguson’s ex- wife, right?“

“Mm, you’re right. That’s her.“

“How does Mr. Zeller dare to make a move on President Ferguson’s ex-wife… Is he not afraid…?“ The waiter did not dare to say it explicitly for fear of getting into trouble, but he felt extremely remorseful at this moment.“

“She’s merely an ex-wife, so how much would she matter to him anyway? She’s the kind of woman that relies on other men to get to the top, so why would

Eric Ferguson spare a look at her? Since she’s sleeping her way to the top, it’s all the same whoever she sleeps with anyway, so why not Mr. Zeller?“

The waiter buried his head very low. “Okay. I’ll go back to work then.“

“Get lost. If this matter gets out, I’ll make you regret it!“

Samantha stomped to the bathroom on her high heels to fix her makeup without noticing a tall and well-built figure standing stiffly on the other side of the corridor.

Eric Ferguson’s face turned cold and glum. His eyes were stern and intimidating as he pulled over a waiter nearby. “Which room is Nicole in?“

“Huh? Mr. Ferguson?“

Anyone who came in and out of this private club was rich and famous, so the waiters here went through the basic training of recognizing the elites. That waiter immediately recognized Eric Ferguson and was scared senseless that his face turned pale.

“Tell me! “

“A—At r—room 3888.“ The waiter stammered subconsciously. He could not afford to mess with Chairman Zeller, but Eric Ferguson was on a whole other level.

Eric turned around and left, exuding a penetrating chill.

In Private Room 3888.

Chairman Zeller smiled lewdly as he reached out to touch Nicole’s hand on the table. However, he did not manage to touch her. Nicole picked up the wine glass and gently swirled the wine in it with her long slender fingers that looked like a work of art.

The middle-aged man took out an old car key from his bag and threw it on the table. “Ms. Nicole, this car is yours.“

Nicole stared at the car key for a long time and suddenly laughed coldly. “Samantha Lindt took more than I did, right?“

Mr. Zeller sized her up with his lecherous eyes. “Ms. Nicole, with your looks, Samantha surely can’t compare to you. When this project is completed, there will be a bigger surprise waiting for you.“

Nicole inadvertently found out how Samantha Lindt had gotten to where she was today.

‘Great, I’ll just clean it up in the meantime.’

“Let’s have a drink and celebrate…“ Mr. Zeller could not wait to raise his glass of wine.

In the next second, Nicole’s phone on the table suddenly fell to the ground. Mr. Zeller bent down and picked it up, then presented it to Nicole like it was a treasure. Nicole raised her glass and clinked it with his. He then chugged it all in one go.

Nicole’s glass of wine only touched her lips, but under Mr. Zeller’s eager gaze, she deliberately hesitated for a moment before she took a sip. The corners of her lips were dyed a slightly dark red, which added to her charm.

Mr. Zeller smiled in satisfaction and leered at Chapter 32 The Wine Is Spiked Nicole’s intoxicating beauty. He went over and put the Audi keys in her hand as he coaxed. “As soon as we reach a deal, I’ll buy you a new Audi.”

Nicole’s face sank and did not have time to react before she suddenly heard Mr. Zeller’s shocked cry. He was kicked to the ground!

Suddenly, someone tugged on her wrist fiercely and a cold voice came to her ears. “This wine is spiked. Did you drink it?”

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