The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 27

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 27

How meaningless would it be without bets?

Eric’s eyes were deep as he stared at her indifferent side profile. “What are your thoughts?“

Before Nicole could say anything, Keith sneered and spoke first. “If Ferg loses, I ‘ll walk out of here butt naked, but if Nicole loses…“

He swept a glance at the Carter brothers and continued in a disdainful tone, “You need to admit in public that you married into the Ferguson family for money, and you can never show your face in Atlanta ever again! Nicole, do you dare to bet on this?“

Ian and Hugh Carter were dumbfounded. Yvette was so enraged that she wanted to stand up and defend Nicole, but Julie pulled Yvette back and told her not to be impulsive.

Eric’s eyebrows furrowed tighter. He was about to interrupt Keith when Nicole sneered and raised her eyebrows mockingly. “Sure, I accept.“

Nicole looked so scornful of Eric, as if he was not a worthy opponent.

Keith laughed at the fact that Nicole was ignorant and oblivious to how strong her opponent was.

In the whole of Atlanta, Eric’s poker dice skills were unbeatable, even if he played with his eyes closed. Back then, Eric won his first big cash windfall at Vegas, not to mention, these menial people in front of them were all insignificant characters compared to Eric.

‘I can finally avenge myself today!’ Keith thought. Eric stretched out his hand. “Ladies first.“

Nicole took the dice shaker on the table and shook it, then casually rested the back of her hand on it as she looked at Eric. “Your turn.“

Eric looked at Nicole quizzically and frowned. It was obvious that Nicole did not take this game seriously. ‘

Does she truly not care whether she wins or loses this bet?’

Keith was watching eagerly as if they had already won the game. ‘Nicole is such a noob! Look at the way she shook the dice, how unprofessional! Does she think she can win with two simple shakes? No way! ‘

Eric pondered for a moment, then casually lifted the dice cup. It was a four-of-a-kind, an expected win. He then glanced at Nicole, who still looked unfazed.

Keith was so excited that he almost jumped up. “ Ferg, way to go! You used your usual skills. Here I thought that you might get soft—hearted…“

Ian Carter clapped at the side and was not surprised by this. He smiled faintly and said, “Mr. Ludwig, Mr. Ferguson has never been soft-hearted towards Nicole, but at least we finally get to see Mr. Ferguson’s ability today.“

“Why are you complimenting Eric? Are you trying to divert our attention and renege on the bet? Nicole, why don’t you let us see your hand? Don’t be a sore loser…“

”Keith Ludwig ! Empty vessels make the most noise, so shut the f*ck up!” Yvette could not help but rebuke.

Nicole watched as the atmosphere suddenly became tense and laughed lightly. Her slender fingers tapped the dice cup twice before she casually tipped it over.

Before everyone had time to react, she took her purse and stood up. ”I’m leaving, you guys carry on.”

Besides Yvette and Hugh who were both startled, Julie and Ian seemed to have already expected this result and were calm and unperturbed.

The moment Keith saw Nicole’s dice, he just felt like dying.

‘Five -of-a-kind ! How could she get an upper hand over Eric? This woman just simply shook the dice on the table and was able to get five-of-a-kind?!’

When Keith looked up again, the woman had already disappeared.

Yvette gloatingly slapped the table and smugly said, ”Mr. Ludwig, don’t forget to strip butt naked before leaving ! As you just said, don’t be a sore loser… ”

”You…you’re cheating ! ” Keith’s face was flushed as all kinds of emotions flashed by.

”Cheating? Mr. Ludwig, you’re the one who wanted to play. These are the rules of the table, yet you dare say that we’re cheating when you lost? If you can’t afford to lose, why play in the first place? Mr. Ferguson, don’t you think so?”

Yvette sneered and called Eric Ferguson out as she gnashed her teeth in anger.

Keith looked at his best friend with big, innocent, pleading eyes. The words “save me” were written all over his face.

Eric glanced at Yvette, then swept a glance at Ian and Hugh before his gaze landed on Keith. “We lost.”

His face was calm and unmoved. At first, Eric felt it strange that the sound of the dice from his hand and Nicole’s hand were a little off. However, he was not the slightest bit upset that he lost. Instead, he even felt a little delighted.

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