The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 25

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 25

Although they were from different circles, the high society of Atlanta was small, so everyone would more or less cross paths with each other. Thus, Keith Ludwig and Ian Carter knew each other.

When Ian saw Keith, he naturally saw Eric Ferguson as well. Ian tipped his glass as a gesture. “What a coincidence, Mr. Ludwig.“

Keith saw that Nicole and Yvette were sitting with Ian, so he figured that they were here together. Keith turned and pulled Eric to sit at their table. “Let’s play a game together. You won’t mind, right, Mr. Carter?“

Ian did not answer and turned to look at Nicole. “My queen, do you mind?“

Nicole stood up insouciantly. “Help yourselves, I’m going downstairs to watch the band.“

Yvette immediately followed suit. “Let’s go! It’s so suffocating sharing the same space with such pests.“

Julie took three bottles of fine wine and said, “I ‘m coming too! “

Eric watched as Nicole disappeared down the stairs before he withdrew his gaze and glanced at Ian. “Mr. Carter, what’s your relationship with Nicole?“

Ian tilted his head and chuckled. “A friend.“

“How can her kind be friends with you? Mr. Carter, don’t be fooled by her…“ Before Keith could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Eric.


Ian’s gaze grew cold as he looked at Keith. “And what kind is she? Mr. Ludwig, do you know her very well?“

“I…“ Keith was rendered speechless. Eric did not come to his rescue, so he felt annoyed because he could not tell Ian about all the despicable things Nicole did.

The loud music downstairs ignited the atmosphere in the bar.

A familiar song from “The Lunatics“ resurfaced after three years, immediately arousing the enthusiasm and passion of the crowd. Everyone cheered, swayed, and looked up at the people on stage.

Keith sighed in disbelief. “Didn’t The Lunatics retire? Why are they here? I heard that The Lunatics even rejected an eight-figure offer to perform in a private show, but they came to this bar?“

There were three people in this band, but only two showed up. However, these two were already enough to incite the crowd’s excitement and passion as they controlled the energy of the venue.

Yvette was screaming and shouting at the bottom of the stage and did not notice that Julie had already brought Nicole backstage.

“There are three minutes until this song is over. Demon just had an appendectomy, so he couldn’t make it. Without the violin, the song will lose its soul. The last song needs a violin accompaniment to the bassist. There’s no one else but you now, so go!“ Nicole was shocked. “Me?! “

“You’re the only one who has played with them before, so of course, it’s you. Do you really want them to be a failure? They’re here because of you. Plus, don’t you want to get back your old feeling?“

The music was deafening. Those familiar memories made Nicole feel exhilarated. She smiled and said, “ Okay, I’ll go on.“

Everyone cheered loudly for the band. Their bodies swayed to the rhythm, and everyone was exuberant.

No one noticed that Nicole carried a violin in her left hand while she held her flowing dress with her other hand as she stepped onto the stage.

The lights suddenly dimmed, leaving only a beam of light on the stage.

Monster and Phantom, who were part of the band, lit up when they saw Nicole. The bassist, Phantom, started the rhythm. The best part about this piece lied in the bassist and violinist duet, which was an absolutely divine pairing. If they were not equal, the song would lose its soul.

Phantom passionately took over the melody, just enough to invigorate the crowd.

In the next second, a delicate, mellow sound of the violin seamlessly integrated into the bass. When the drums stopped abruptly, the violin suddenly sounded bold, rich, and deep. Everyone was astonished to see the woman on stage looking so cool and valiant. The violin in her hands sounded so

magical and in tune, which matched her very distinctive style.

Everyone was so immersed in the music when the drums suddenly joined in again. There was a tacit understanding between the drummer and violinist as they synchronized their rhythm. The stark contrast between the intensity of the drums and the softness of the violin formed a beautiful medley. After the short two-minute performance, the crowd’s screams were even more thunderous and deafening than before.

“Ah!! My goddess! “

“Violin goddess! ” On the second floor, the shock that flashed through Eric Ferguson’s eyes was undisguised.

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