The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 24

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 24

Eric Ferguson followed Keith’s gaze and was instantly stunned when he saw her.

Nicole was wearing a long silver-gray dress that was flared and glittery at the hemline and corseted at her slender waist. It made her look so tall and beautiful. Her long wavy hair was draped over her back and her temperament was incredibly striking.

Keith Ludwig cursed under his breath. “What kind of small world is this?! How can I run into someone I hate when I just want a drink…“

Yvette’s group naturally noticed Eric and Keith. Although they did not want to see their faces, there was no reason to ignore them now that they ran into each other.

“Mr. Ludwig, have you finished cleaning up your messy love life? How are you still in the mood to come out for a drink? I guess the impact of that photo is still too small, huh?“

Yvette scoffed. Keith was not willing to show any weakness and glared at the culprit Nicole at the back. He sneered and said, “Nicole, I underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to be a completely different person. I guess anyone would change if they have a strong backer.“

“Of course! She’s been a wreck relying on her good- for-nothing ex-husband for three years, so now that she’s divorced, we’re here to back her up. Mr.

Ludwig, didn’t you run to your friend whenever you encountered a problem?“

Julie Nixon chimed in and was infuriated when she saw Eric Ferguson. She pulled Yvette over and said, “ Let’s not waste our breath with them. Go on inside. “

Nicole looked indifferent as she followed her friends into the bar. She did not even take a glimpse at Keith or Eric and walked past them as if they were mere strangers.

A devilishly handsome man walked behind Nicole and was holding her purse. When the man walked past Eric, he glared at him and grunted before following Nicole.

Keith was vexed and anxious. ‘What right did Nicole have to treat me like this?! ‘

“I didn’t realize it before, but your ex-wife is quite capable! She messed with me online all day today and even pretended not to see us?! “

Eric’s face sank slightly. “Enough. Do you want to create a bigger fuss? Go home and stay there! “

Keith took a deep breath. “I’m not going home. Why should I be the one to leave? I wanna see what else they’re capable of!“

Eric was reluctant to go in, but his feet had a mind of their own and followed Keith into the bar. He recognized the purse that the devilishly handsome man was holding. Grant Stanton had also taken that purse for her at the banquet last time. It was Nicole’s purse.

Julie Nixon dragged Nicole up to the second floor and was extremely excited. “I’m hosting the last fashion show of the season in a few days. Bring your third brother along. I reserved good seats for you guys! “

Hugh Carter, who was behind them, protested in dissatisfaction. “I ‘ve made reservations a long time ago and you still haven’t given me tickets! I don’t care, I wanna sit next to Nicole! “

“Dream on! “ Julie retorted and greeted Ian Carter, who had already arrived long before them.

Nicole laughed and could not help but burst Hugh’s bubble. “Will your father let you go when he sees that you’re not doing your job?“

Hugh Carter paused in his footsteps and hugged Nicole’s arm aggrievedly. “With you around, he won’t be so harsh on me…“


Ian Carter waved when he saw Nicole. He smiled brightly and went over to hug her. “Welcome back, my queen.“

The two Carter brothers, Ian and Hugh, looked alike. Hugh was the younger brother that looked devilishly handsome. If he entered the entertainment industry, he would be the hottest rookie around.

Ian was a few years older and was the second son of the Carter family. He looked more mature and was handsome enough that a group of young ladies would chase after him, but he always fooled around with them and was never serious.

Nicole laughed and sat on the side. Ian was playing a poker dice game before their arrival, and the players were still waiting for Ian to make a move.

Ian waved his hand and said, “I’m out. By the way, Nikki, I hired your favorite band, The Lunatics.

Enjoy! “

Everyone at the table was discontented. “What? Ian, you’re not playing? We were just on a roll…”

“Mr. Carter, what a coincidence! “

As soon as Keith and Eric went upstairs, they saw Ian Carter sitting there languidly as he swirled a glass of red wine with one hand.

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