The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 23

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 23

Nicole took out her phone and looked at the trending topics, then snickered and put it aside without a thought.

She was familiar with the Ludwig family’s background and knew that Keith’s parents must have pressured him. Otherwise, knowing his

character, he would never willingly admit his fault. Keith must be hating her guts at this moment.

There was a knock at the door. Samantha Lindt let herself in and smiled. “Ms. Nicole, is it convenient for me to come in and talk?“

Nicole nodded. “Please, come in.“

Samantha walked in and glanced at Yvette as if she did not want to speak with the presence of a third person, but Yvette was not perceptive enough to wait outside.

“What’s the matter?“

“I saw that Mr. Logan is preparing some information regarding J&L’s project. Ms. Nicole, you might not know this, but we don’t have much of a relationship with J&L Corporation and have a slim chance for cooperation. If you want to gain your footing in the company, why don’t you cooperate with FH Corporation? I know that they have a project that’s very suitable for us.“

Samantha placed a document in front of Nicole and raised her eyebrows. She smiled as if she had given Nicole a good deal.

Nicole paused for a moment. “Okay, I’ll consider it.“

“Ms. Nicole, you ought to close this deal. FH is an old partner, so landing this project will be enough for you to stand firm in our company.“

Samantha targeted Nicole at the meeting but sent her such a big gift after. It would be odd if there was nothing fishy about this.

Nicole raised her eyes and smiled meaningfully. “ Please call me Vice President Nicole.“

Samantha’s face stiffened and her voice suddenly became shrill. “Don’t think that you’re all that just because the President is fond of you. Whether you can stay still depends on your luck! Anyway, I’ve given you this opportunity, so it’s up to you to seize it.”

After finishing her speech, Samatha turned around and left, slamming the door shut on her way out.

Yvette was stunned by this and said, “Are you her boss, or is she your boss?“

Nicole nonchalantly flipped through the file that Samantha gave her. “She assumed that this position would be hers if I didn’t show up.“

“That’s just her wishful thinking, right?“

Nicole raised her eyebrows and snorted, then handed the document to Yvette.

“I remember that the Vice President of FH Corporation is one of your admirers?“

Yvette froze for a moment and laughed. “Don’t worry, I’ll find out what’s fishy about this.“

‘Since my best friend is so serious about her career, I must support her in any way possible! ‘ Yvette thought.

Nicole’s phone rang. The caller ID showed that it was her old friend that she had not contacted in a long time, Julie Nixon. Julie had single-handedly founded the internationally renowned fashion brand, Share. The private fashion shows she held were so popular that it was hard to get an invitation.

Once Nicole picked up, Julie could not wait to speak. “ Come hang out with us tonight! We organized a little get-together at Tattle Bar to celebrate your return, so you must come! “

Nicole laughed. She missed her friends a lot. “Okay, I’ll definitely show up.“

After she hung up, Yvette added Nicole into a chat group consisting of five people, which included the three girls and the Carter brothers.

Julie Nixon: (Nicole is finally back in our group! Congratulations, Baby! ]

Ian Carter: (I already drank one whole night to celebrate Nicole’s divorce…it’s about time!]

Hugh Carter: (Congrats on your divorce, Nikki!]

Nicole laughed in exasperation. “Are they gloating over my failed marriage?“

Yvette helplessly said, “No…you don’t know how happy we all are for you! When we heard that you

Chapter 23 Call Me Vice President Nicole were suffering, everyone in this group cursed Eric Ferguson, but we were afraid that you’d get sad when you see it, so we didn’t add you into the group chat until now. You’re finally over him now! ”

Nicole thought, ‘Sigh…it’s my fault. I have to thank them for not leaving me after all that.’

Keith Ludwig was depressed and dragged Eric out for a drink that night. When they arrived at Tattle Bar and got out of the car, Keith rubbed his eyes in disbelief and said, “Holy sh*t! Why do I run into this woman everywhere I go?”

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