The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 21

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 21

For a moment, the atmosphere in the meeting room was tense and awkwardly silent.

Samantha Lindt felt humiliated. She had been in the company for so many years and got to her position with a lot of effort, so she did not mean to leave just like that.

Grant Stanton standing up for the newcomer Nicole was also a slap in the face for Samantha.

The meeting room was silent, and everyone looked at each other.

Nicole frowned slightly. She did not want to be targeted the moment she took office. Just as she was about to ease the tension in the room, Samantha stood up apprehensively with a flushed face.

“President Stanton, I’m sorry for my transgression. I respect the company’s decision and will work well with Ms. Nicole.”

“Good. Meeting adjourned.”

Grant Stanton did not say much. He did not want to waste another minute and left the meeting room in an imposing manner.

Samantha then let out a long breath of relief.

Although many others had opinions about Nicole’s arrival, they dared not oppose Grant Stanton’s authority. Nicole was also not bothered by this little episode because she would prove her capabilities over time.

When Logan arrived at Nicole’s office, he was very respectful. “Ms. Nicole, I ‘ll be your assistant from today, so you can inform me if you have any orders.“

Nicole knew that Logan was Grant’s right-hand man, so having him by her side would be very helpful. “Thank you. The President mentioned something about J&L’s project previously, so please get me all the information on J&L Corporation.“

Logan nodded. “Sure, I’ll get it ready for you.“

After Logan left, Yvette waltzed in and swung her phone by the strap on her phone case. “Baby, my office is right next door, so we’ll be working side by side from now on.“

Nicole smiled and was in a particularly good mood. Her relationship with Yvette was back to how it was before she impulsively married Eric Ferguson.

“This job will be harder at first, but it gets better.“

Yvette sneered and did a hair flip. “I’m not scared. By the way, let me show you something.“

She smiled and handed Nicole her phone. Nicole looked at it quizzically and was dumbfounded when she saw the contents.

There was a new wave of comments online because Yvette had sent the full video of last night’s incident to many influencers, who helped spread the message. Through this video, everyone could see that the gangster first tried to take advantage of the drunk Yvette, but Nicole taught him a hard lesson and finally took Yvette out of the bar with her. This stirred a lot of debate online.

(OMG! How cool is she?! I wouldn’t need a boyfriend if I had a good friend like her!]

(She’s such a cool and valiant young lady! Now I understand why she got divorced and left such a wealthy family.]

(Nicole is my goddess! ] (She should be a celebrity! ]

(My heroine! Please give me your number!!]

Nicole was on the top trending topics again. She looked at Yvette helplessly. “Did you purposely go to get the surveillance footage last night?“

Yvette lifted her chin arrogantly and said, “Nah, it’s nothing, just a matter of one phone call. I won’t allow anyone to slander you under my watch! “

Nicole laughed. “Whatever, it’s not a big deal anyway.“

“Then do you know who’s behind all this?“

Nicole shook her head but a name flashed across her mind. Yvette told her frankly, “It’s Eric Ferguson’s best friend, Keith Ludwig! “

Sure enough, it was not far off from Nicole’s guess. Whether it was Ingrid Ferguson or Keith Ludwig, both of them were still related to Eric Ferguson.

Nicole snorted. Her face turned slightly colder. She would not have cared if she was clueless about this, but since she was aware of it, she could not let him get away so easily.

“Call Dominic Young, I want dirt on Keith Ludwig!”

“Now this is the Nicole Stanton I’m familiar with. We must get our revenge! Don’t worry, I already have what we need to put him in his place.”

Yvette had already dug up dirt on Keith Ludwig long ago. She sent all of it to Nicole, who took her pick and selected one of the photos. In that picture, Keith was wearing swim shorts at some party and washugging a few girls left and right. It was back when he just got married.

Nicole posted the photo with a caption.

(If you have a beef with me, just come at me directly. I’ll retaliate openly and certainly won’t stoop so low to create misconceptions by hiring paparazzi to edit clips. Mr. Ludwig, you should just look out for yourself.]

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