The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 20

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 20

Late at night, the paparazzi quietly posted the edited clip online and left out the background story. They simply posted Nicole’s violent actions. At a glance, it looked like Nicole was bullying the man without reason.

After a good night’s sleep, Nicole did not forget that it was her first official day at work and woke up on time to pick out her outfit.

Yvette drove over in her little convertible and pushed the door in furiously. “Nicole! All those people online are berating you again! “

Nicole paused slightly. “Berating me? Why?“

Yvette showed Nicole the video that the paparazzi posted. It was only ten seconds, but it clearly showed the stark contrast between Nicole’s hostile look and the man’s miserable appearance.

The following comments were all about Nicole’s screw-up. Eric Ferguson’s ex-wife had a rendezvous at a bar late at night and even beat someone up.

Some people also commented on how ruthless Nicole was. This incident pushed Nicole into the top trending topics on social media.

Nicole was unconcerned and turned off the screen. “It doesn’t matter. It won’t affect your mood if you don’t look at it. Now, go get ready for work.“

Yvette was vexed for Nicole. Although Yvette had too much to drink last night, she was still conscious at that time and knew that Nicole only fought the man to stand up for her. ‘No, I can’t just let this be!’

“You don’t need to care. I ‘ll handle this. Let’s go to work! “ Yvette said.

Once they went out, Floyd Stanton’s butler stood respectfully at the door.

“Miss, the driver is waiting for you outside.“

Nicole frowned. It was too conspicuous to go to work being driven in a Rolls-Royce, so she immediately refused. “No thanks, I’ll drive to work.“

The butler unhurriedly took out a set of car keys.

“The Chairman specially selected the latest models of Maserati and Porsche for you. They’re placed in your garage. He has also ordered a few models of Lamborghini and Ferrari from Italy, which will take a few more days to arrive, so he asks that you temporarily make do with these.“

Yvette widened her eyes in awe and was left speechless. ‘Wow…Uncle Floyd pampers Nicole so much that driving these cars worth millions of dollars is considered having to make do?!’

The small convertible that Yvette drove was not even enough to buy the tires of any car parked in Nicole’s garage.

Nicole sighed helplessly. “I ‘m going to work as an ordinary person, so I can’t be too flashy. I don’t want these. I’ll just go with Yvette.“

The butler hesitated for a while, then bowed slightly to Yvette. “That’s very kind of you, Ms. Quimbey.“

Yvette smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her. It’s my honor to be a driver for our dearest Miss Nicole Stanton.“

The two ladies looked at each other and laughed. Nicole then pulled Yvette away and ran outside. ‘Mr. Anderson is just as naggy as Dad! ‘

Once they arrived at the office, Grant Stanton held a meeting to formally introduce Nicole as a director of the company. This position, which had been vacant for a long time, was coveted by many, but it was now taken away by Nicole, who parachuted into this role. Before the meeting was adjourned, some people had already begun to dig up details about Nicole.

Besides her identity of being Eric Ferguson’s ex- wife, everything about her was a blank slate, even her family background.

Samantha Lindt, who assumed herself to be the best candidate for this position, was the first to speak up in disapproval. She had her eyes on this role for a

long time, so why should it be taken by an incompetent person?

“Ms. Nicole, what qualifications do you have to assume this role? Do you think you can handle this position after three years of being Eric Ferguson’s wife? I don’t agree with this decision, and I won’t stay in this company if someone like Ms. Nicole is a director.“

Samantha immediately raised her objection at the meeting.

Grant Stanton looked down at his watch. His voice was indifferent and unfeeling as he said, “Those who don’t want to stay can hand in their resignation notice. I’ll approve it.”

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