The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 152

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 152

Ines Xavier had just returned to Mediania and came over to join the fun.

She did not expect to see Eric Ferguson here, so she could not care less about anything and wanted to approach him.

Three years ago, Nicole robbed Ines of her chance, so three years later, Ines vowed not to give up!

Eric did not say anything. His face was a little cold, and the disgust in his eyes was obvious.

If Mitchell, who was sitting next to Eric, still could not see Eric’s displeasure, then it would be a waste of all those years of working for Eric.

At this moment, Mitchell hastily proposed. “ President, why don’t we change seats?“

Eric stood up without saying a word, so Mitchell quickly moved to the side and sat on Mitchell’s original seat.

Mitchell tried his best to ignore the indignant piercing gaze from Ines, who was now next to him.

Nicole’s phone beeped. It was a message from Julie Nixon.

[That lady sitting next to Eric is Ines Xavier from Gemini Entertainment, right?]

Nicole saw the name and frowned slightly, then replied. [I couldn’t tell.]

She thought about it for a long time before remembering who Ines Xavier was.

Ines Xavier was the infamous high-society lady who declared that she would not marry unless it was Eric Ferguson. Her father was a big shot in the entertainment industry, so Ines had always been able to get what she wanted.

After being rejected by Eric, Ines felt devastated and went to Korea for plastic surgery.

However, Ines did not expect that once she left, Eric would marry Nicole.

Ines, who had just completed her plastic surgery in a foreign country back then felt depressed and hurt.

The pain was unbearable.

Julie Nixon: (I heard that she spent $800K to do up her whole face in Korea. That chin’s so sharp that it can probably slice things! *expression of horror* ]

Nicole laughed, but this had nothing to do with her, so she was not bothered.

When she looked up again, the auction had already begun.

Nicole was not interested in the other items and for some reason, she only paid close attention to the pair of cufflinks.

By the time the bid for the cufflinks started, the starting price was $200,000.

This was already not cheap for a pair of cufflinks.

Next to her, Fabian raised his bidding paddle without hesitation.




It went up to $600,000. Surprisingly, there were still people bidding for the cufflinks.

Fabian had begun to waver.

For a budding young actor who just made his debut, it was quite a big amount for him.

Nicole thought about it. Since Fabian accompanied her to this boring auction, she should show her appreciation.

Thus, Nicole raised her bidding paddle without hesitation.


The person who had just made the previous bid saw that it was Nicole and did not intend to fight with her.

To Nicole’s surprise, Ines raised her bidding paddle. “


Ines turned to Eric and said excitedly, “Eric, let me give this to you as a present…“

Eric did not have any reaction like he did not hear her.

However, Ines was not discouraged.

Ines did not want to give up this good opportunity to win over Nicole.

Since they were sitting nearby, Nicole could hear it

clearly and thought, ‘I’m afraid Ines has some sort of misunderstanding about her self-worth, right? She even dares to compete with me?!’

Nicole placed another bid. “$1 million! “ The whole room was in an uproar.

This was truly the most expensive pair of cufflinks that had been on auction.

Ines’ giddy passion had not yet faded when her expression collapsed in shock.

That was because Ines did not have more than one million dollars of pocket money.

Her resentment for Nicole deepened in that instant.

Fabian, who was sitting on the side, wanted to say something, but he was also afraid of making a fool of himself.

Before the host finalized Nicole’s bid, a man’s deep and mellow voice resounded in the room. “$1.1 million.“

It was Eric Ferguson.

This pair of cufflinks was not worth so much, but this was the last pair designed by Pire and the only missing pair in Eric’s collection.

His collection would be imperfect if he did not collect it all.

Thus, he needed it.

This pair of men’s cufflinks seemed to be of no use to Nicole anyway.

At this moment, everyone felt that they could watch a good show.

The ex-wife and the ex-husband were in a face -off, so who would win in the end?

Nicole pondered for a moment and raised her paddle again. “$1.2 million! “

It was like any price was merely a number to them.

Fabian could not help but speak up. “Ms. Stanton, forget it, it’s not worth that much.”

Nicole smiled at him and did not make a sound. Without a doubt, Eric called for another bid.

It went straight to $1.5 million.

Eric faintly glanced sideways at Nicole.

This time, Nicole’s focus was not on Eric. She was just looking at the pair of cufflinks with some obsessive desire.

Nicole did not hesitate and raised her bidding paddle again. “$2 million!”

The host called out, “$2 million going once! $2 million going twice– “

He deliberately paused and dragged it for a few seconds to wait for Eric to raise the bid again.

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