The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 143

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 143

Eric Ferguson sounded shocked.

He could not believe what he was seeing.

The tragic and shocking image in front of him seemed worlds apart from the elegant and noble Nicole.

‘Who caused all this?! ‘ Eric thought.

Although he knew at a glance, he was unwilling to believe that the gentle and demure Nicole in his impression could be so crazy.

“Mr. Ferguson, are you blind? Didn’t you just see it all?“

Nicole was not bothered to explain. She turned around and wanted to leave.

She had nothing to say to him.

Eric quickly stepped forward and blocked her. He looked at her with a cold and sunken face.

“I ‘ve just explained that I have no relationship with Wendy Quade.“

He thought that Nicole was angry because of his relationship with Wendy.

‘Is she jealous? It must be.’ Eric thought.

Although what Nicole did was a bit overboard, Eric was inexplicably a little happy?

Hearing this, Nicole unconsciously laughed coldly.

She had a playful smile on her face.

Nicole raised her eyes nonchalantly and looked at Eric. Her tone was cold and emotionless.

“Do you think I did this to her because of you?“

Eric’s eyebrows knitted together, and his eyes were fixated on her face.

“Or what?“

Nicole raised her eyebrows, gave him a sidelong glance, and sneered.

“Mr. Ferguson, you really think too highly of yourself. I think you’d better go to a psychiatrist to get yourself tested for narcissistic personality disorder.“

Eric’s face sank and his eyes had a hint of doubt.

After Nicole said that, she turned around and pulled open the car door to get into the car.

She started the car engine, then slowly lowered the car window and threw out a file to Eric.

The next second, she stepped on the gas pedal and drove out.

She did not even take another glance at the people behind and left just like that.

‘This narcissist and two-faced b*tch are really made for each other!’ Nicole thought.

Eric slowly squatted down to pick up the file with a glum face. When he turned to the first page, his pupils suddenly constricted.

His dark eyes were deadly cold.

The air around him instantly dropped to the freezing point.

The photo showed Wendy and a tall and thin man standing in front of Nicole’s car, sneaking around.

‘That night, that car, that accident…’

Eric could remember that scene vividly when he closed his eyes.

Without needing to think, he knew the truth.

The file he was holding was the evidence of Wendy Quade’s intentional murder!

‘So, Nicole was so angry and rammed into Wendy’s car because she was just returning the favor? I won’t be surprised if Wendy was killed. Wendy wasn’t innocent at all! She deserved this!’ Eric thought.

There was a heavy gloom between his brows. His face was cold and glum.

Eric had never felt so heavy since Hendrick died.

His heart just felt like it was smashed with a sledgehammer, making him unable to breathe.

‘Nicole didn’t do this because of jealousy. She did this because of the car accident!’

Eric was disappointed and felt a wave of uncontrollable anger.

If he had not appeared that day, then that would have been the day of Nicole’s death!

A hand tugged at Eric’s pants at his feet. “No… It’s not me… Help me…“

Wendy was lying there looking incomparably wretched. She spoke in an incoherent panic.

This time, she was really panicking.

She did not expect that Nicole would find out so quickly.

Wendy also did not expect Nicole to use such an extreme way to take revenge on her!

Eric’s sullen and cold eyes moved to Wendy. ‘She’s still pretending?’

Eric never thought that he would be deceived by a woman again and again.

Suddenly, what Nicole said about Wendy being a cat with nine lives who could never die popped into his mind.

He finally realized that since his marriage, Wendy had asked for so much of Nicole’s blood that was even more than what a surgery needed for minor injuries on purpose.

Wendy did it all deliberately.

Nicole’s car accident that day was also Wendy’s handiwork.

Wendy Quade was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and he, as an accomplice, went on hurting the most innocent Nicole again and again.

Ian Carter walked down from the hill casually.

Although he was walking slowly, he just saw everything clearly.

“Yo, Mr. Ferguson! How can you leave your beloved on the ground like that and not care about her?

Honestly, even if my brother were alive, he wouldn’t marry such a lowly woman. You’d better keep her for yourself. Also, don’t bring her out. She’s such a disgrace…”

Ian snorted lightly. ‘Eric Ferguson is such a fool!’

At this moment, the man’s gaze was extremely cold. He clutched the file of evidence tightly and took a step back, avoiding Wendy’s dirty hand.

He was extremely disgusted. “Eric…” Wendy cried mournfully.

“Get lost!” Eric gritted his teeth. His eyes held a bitter chill.

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