The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 138

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 138

Nicole did not even glance at Eric. Not to mention greeting him, she completely ignored his existence and walked into the lobby of J&L Corporation with her purse.

Every part of her, from the soles of her shoes to the strands of her hair, was ignoring Eric.

The security guard at the door respectfully opened the door for her.

She thanked the guard and went in calmly.

When Eric saw her, he frowned slightly. Her ignorance made him feel suffocated.

‘She really doesn’t care about me anymore! I can no longer read her…’ Eric thought.

The man walked to the door. Before the security guard could open the door, a mob of people rushed out from the side.

They were aggressive and came prepared.

Numerous reporters swarmed around Eric with their cameras and equipment.

“Mr. Ferguson, do you and Wendy Quade plan to get married this year?“

“Do you really like this mistress?“

“Mr. Ferguson, how many girlfriends do you have?“ “Will the Ferguson family accept this mistress as your wife?“

“Why do you want to buy out trending topics just to slander Ms. Stanton? Do you have anything to say to her?“

Erics’ face was extremely glum as he stood there in silence.

He glared at the reporter at the front that was asking the most questions.

The reporter was instantly frightened by Eric’s intimidating gaze and shrank back.

The surrounding reporters were still asking questions, and the scene was chaotic for a while.

The office’s security guards immediately went forward and pulled the reporters away from Eric.

A path was cleared out for Eric, but he was in no hurry to leave.

The scene suddenly quieted down for a moment.

His tone was grim and cold as he said, “If you guys appear in front of my eyes again, I will make you disappear from this industry completely.“

Eric’s words were never just a warning.

At this moment, the surrounding area was cold and silent.

No one had the guts to utter another word and looked at each other in trepidation.

Even the reporter who received Kai’s check did not dare to say one more word at this time.

Nicole leaned lazily on the railing of the second floor and looked at the situation below. Eric’s attitude was as expected.

No matter what the situation was, he always seemed so unperturbed.

He also had such an oppressive aura.

No wonder he could be the President of Ferguson Corporation.

He was truly extraordinary as a person who could shake the entire city with a stomp of his foot.

The corners of Nicole’s lips curved down.

No matter how much Eric liked Wendy Quade, she could never get rid of her identity as a homewrecker.

What was more, Nicole had also prepared a big gift for Wendy.

Eric unconsciously looked upward and suddenly saw Nicole’s figure on the second floor.

Their eyes met.

It was as if there was no other person around.

Nicole’s downturned lips gently hooked up. She put on an undisguised gloating face with a raised eyebrow.

‘Does it feel nice?’

Eric stared at her with deep eyes. Nicole stood upright and tapped her high heels on the ground.

She mouthed three words silently before she turned to leave.

No one seemed to notice this scene.

The reporters were kicked out and the entrance quieted down again.

Gerard Lichman immediately came out from the President’s Office to greet them.

Eric did not move and only frowned. He saw what she mouthed clearly.

She was saying, “Serves you right! “

Nicole then walked into the conference room. Eric eventually followed.

After the two of them were seated, the person in charge began to talk about the progress of the project.

Once the report was done, Gerard looked at the two people to his left and right and coughed slightly.

“The preliminaries are about to come to an end, so we can relax a bit going forward. However, we still need to decide on the location of the pilot experiment. Should we choose an urban area or the suburbs? Any thoughts?“

“The suburbs, of course. Artificial intelligence is still being improved. If there’s an accident, it’ll be easier to control the suburbs.“ Eric spoke in a serious tone.

Nicole interrupted him. “Since it’s an AI that will enter the city sooner or later. How will it adapt to the environment if the experiment is in an unfamiliar area?“

“You seem to be very hostile towards me,“ Eric said. Otherwise, why did she always refute his opinions?

Nicole snickered and looked nonchalant as she raised her eyes. Her tone was cold. ”Mr. Ferguson, you can just remove the ‘seem to be’.”

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