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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 137

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 137

Kai felt that he had underestimated his sister too much.

Hearing Nicole’s order, he felt that he had been too merciful with what he instructed that reporter to do earlier.

‘Not bad! She finally acts like a strong independent woman!’ Kai thought.

Nicole hung up the phone indifferently and looked at Kai. “I’m going to the office for a meeting. What about you?“

Seeing that Nicole was still in the mood for a meeting and was not affected by all this, Kai smiled and spoke tentatively, “I wanna take Tigger home. Dad has been picking fights with me lately… I’m about to be overwhelmed! “

‘How nice would it be to find a little cutie to divert Dad’s attention?’ Kai thought.

Nicole pondered for a moment and agreed to it.

She had to go to J&L Corporation to follow up with the project during this period, so she would not have time to play with Tigger either. This way, it was better if her dad and brother could take care of Tigger.

Kai jumped up happily and looked like the exact opposite of the expression he had just used to scare the reporter.

“Great! You go ahead then.“

Kai familiarly used his fingerprints to open Nicole’s front door and ran in to hug Tigger.

Nicole was speechless. ‘I don’t remember registering his fingerprints…’

Ferguson Corporation.

Mitchell hurriedly told Eric about the latest trend on the internet.

The number one trending topic was a video of Nicole strongly condemning the reporters.

In the video, Nicole’s beauty, cold words, and tough attitude as she replied to the reporters won everyone’s hearts.

(You go girl! Nicole’s a CEO and doesn’t have to put up with your sh*t! Like she said, don’t ride on her popularity! ]

(Our Nicole only wants to be a CEO, okay? That manipulative b*tch Wendy is so shameless… How is hurting herself gonna be of any use?]

(That manipulative b*tch got hit by a car? Poor car! Must be some bad luck to run into her…]

(Reporters nowadays don’t have any professional ethics. We must protect our President Nicole!]

(Kai’s so handsome! The hero came out just on time, but he only said one line…]

(Kai’s so handsome… That cheating couple can just suck it! Stop involving Nicole in all your bullsh*t drama!]

Eric’s face was incredibly gloomy, and his voice was cold and stern. “How did the reporters go to Nicole?“

Mitchell’s lips twitched. He was slightly stunned. ‘Is that the point? The point is that you’re now the most hated person on the internet… If you don’t come forward to explain yourself, you’ll forever be a scumbag in the eyes of the netizens! ‘

The air pressure in the office was extremely low. Mitchell hesitantly spoke, “Perhaps… They were too nosy…“

After all, Nicole and Eric were enough to sustain the entire entertainment industry.

If they both make their debut, no other celebrities could beat them in popularity.

Eric’s eyes were cold and intense. “Perhaps? What do you mean perhaps?“

He saw how lost Nicole was at the beginning until Kai showed up, and how emboldened she was with his presence.

This made Eric very uncomfortable.

Mitchell instantly felt Eric’s anger and hurriedly appeased him. “No one’s disturbing Ms. Stanton now. Don’t worry, President.“

Eric glanced at him with a dark and heavy gaze and coldly snorted.

“Go and find out who did it.“

“Yes, sir.“

In just a few minutes, Mitchell was already drenched in cold sweat.

As Eric’s most capable assistant, Mitchell never understood the reason behind this whole series of tumultuous developments after the divorce.

During their three years of marriage, Eric had never cared much about Nicole, so why did he care so much now that they were divorced?

J&L’s project was proceeding as planned. In the early stages, the three parties were to meet every day to get an update on the latest situation so that they could modify the program accordingly.

Nicole did not drive herself this time and got her driver to send her there.

Her last car accident was still quite traumatizing for her.

When Nicole arrived at J&L’s office, she happened to see a brand -new Range Rover across the street that looked very familiar.

Eric Ferguson got down from the Range Rover.

His body was tall and well-built. His features were carved to perfection, and he was emitting a cold aura.

Nicole acted as if she did not see him and got out of her car. She wore a long dark green halter dress that made her features look more prominent and brighter. She had a valiant and honorable temperament.


Eric took a step forward and wanted to explain to her that those allegations and bombardment by the reporters earlier were not his doing.

He did not want her to misunderstand him in the slightest.

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