The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 135

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 135

Before it was over, another accident happened again.

The photos of Eric entering and leaving the hospital were taken and spread widely on the internet.

The headline of the news: “Mr. Ferguson’s new lover is in the hospital, suspected to be his mistress! “

It was accompanied by a photo of Wendy Quade lying on the hospital bed and Eric Ferguson standing at the door, looking at her with deep affection.

(It really looks like true love… That homewrecker is really shameless to think she can be his wife! ]

(Rich people have no morals… That homewrecker had some skills though! ]

(Goddess Nicole should just focus on her career and inherit her family fortune. All that matters is being rich by her own ability!]

(My hopes of them getting back together are officially crushed… There’s no hope of remarriage now, but fret not, Nicole, I ‘ll still love you forever! “

(I’d like to ask if there’s a queue number to be President Nicole’s boyfriend?]

When Nicole woke up in the morning, she received a call from Yvette before she could tell Maverick the good news that she had found him a new home.

Yvette’s call was always more punctual than an alarm clock.

“Nikki! Have you seen the news? Eric Ferguson is in the news again! “

Nicole grunted and thought that it was nothing new. “Is it a scandal or gossip?“

“Scandal! “ Yvette decided with certainty. After all, no one on the internet thought that this was a good thing.

“Then I’ll have to see it. Maybe I’ll find some fun out of it…“

Nicole laughed, took the tablet on the table, then clicked into the forum.

Sure enough, the headline was Eric Ferguson’s name, as well as hers.

Nicole’s lips twitched. “Why is my name also on there?! “

Yvette reassured her. “Don’t worry, it’s not about you this time! “

It was always nothing good when her name was put together with Eric Ferguson’s.

Nicole grunted coldly and closed the page. “I don’t wanna talk about him. I’m going for a run now.“

If Wendy Quade died, Nicole would have raised a glass to celebrate, but that woman was not dead and still wanted to show her existence?

The air was nice and pleasant, with the smell of freshness after the rain. It was invigorating.

Nicole sent a text message to Maverick about the address of his new home, then went out with her phone.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Nicole left the gate of her neighborhood, countless cameras and phones appeared in front of her.

The reporters swarmed around her.

“Ms. Stanton, is Mr. Ferguson and Ms. Quade really in a relationship?“

“Ms. Stanton, what do you think about this matter?“

“There are rumors that you ordered Ms. Quade’s car accident. Is it true?“

“Is it true that you bought a hitman?“

“Ms. Stanton, will Stanton Corporation and Ferguson Corporation still cooperate with each other?“

“Please answer us…“

Nicole frowned. Before she could speak, her phone was bumped away from her hand and she could not even bend down to pick it up.

She did not understand why so many reporters suddenly appeared at her residence. If they wanted to know about Eric and Wendy, they should just ask them, right?

Nicole kept retreating and panicked.

Right before she was about to fall, a big hand behind her supported her waist. Kai’s charming and perfect side profile appeared in front of her. This time, there was gloom and anger between his eyebrows.

“K…“ Somehow, Nicole’s eyes felt a little sore.

Kai shielded Nicole in his arms and looked at the reporters in front of him without avoidance. His tone was extremely cold. “Which media are you from?“

The reporters were silent for a while but still did not put down the camera and phone in their hands.

Although Kai’s appearance here was big news, the reporters dared not write about him. That was because Kai had astonishingly extensive connections and resources in the circle.

There was a rumor that someone once caught him in a scandal with an actress, but before it was blown up, that media outlet suddenly declared bankruptcy and permanently withdrew from the industry.

Thus, there was an unwritten rule in the industry that no one should dig up dirt on Kai. A new reporter was unaware of this and asked, “Ms. Stanton, what’s your relationship with Kai? Can you answer the question about Mr. Ferguson and Ms. Quade? Does Ms. Quade’s car accident have anything to do with you?“

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