The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 131

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 131

Maverick looked down at his phone and frowned. He was extremely patient in correcting the formula sent to him by Molly Stewart as he was a perfectionist.

To find a suitable place for Maverick, Nicole brought Yvette along to the nearest property sales office.

The two ladies stopped in front of a property sales office when they saw one.

“Is your family even short of houses? Stanton Corporation has so many properties, can’t you just pick one at random?“ Yvette was puzzled.

Nicole shook her head. “No, those properties are all very popular and high in demand, so the surrounding area must be very noisy. My second brother won’t like it.“

This property sales office was elegant and quiet. It looked like it catered to a high-end crowd.

“This is a property owned by Ferguson Corporation. Ms. Stanton, did you come to the wrong place?“

A cold and familiar voice rang out behind her. Nicole turned around and met the woman’s eyes. ‘Ha! Samantha Lindt?’

Nicole raised her eyebrows and hooked the corners of her lips. “That’s even better. I’ll buy their property.“

“You’re not welcome here. Get the hell out! “

Samantha spoke bluntly. Her expression changed so fast that everyone was dumbfounded.

If it were not for Nicole, could Samantha have fallen from a corporate executive of a listed corporation to a property salesperson?

People in the same industry used Samantha’s scandalous past to suppress her.

Her life took a complete 18o-degree turn for the worse!

Yvette sneered at the side. “Did I hear you right? You want us to get out?“

“Yes. Get out! This place won’t accept your business! “

Samantha Lindt was extremely arrogant.

Nicole immediately took out her phone and calmly tapped on it a few times. ‘Who doesn’t know how to make a complaint call?’

Soon, a competent sales manager heard the commotion and came over. When she saw Nicole, she was a little stunned.

The sales manager thought, ‘If I’m not mistaken… This is the CEO of Stanton Corporation?’

“Sorry, I don’t know what’s going on here. Can I help you?“

The sales manager tried to calm the situation down.

Yvette lifted her chin and spoke disdainfully, “She’s your employee?“

The sales manager glanced at Samantha and patiently explained.

“Sam is our employee here. She’s a graduate who just came back from studying abroad, majoring in law with top-notch debating eloquence. She knows a lot. Although she’s from a wealthy family, she wanted her own career and has a great attitude. Her performance has always been good and she’s very popular with everyone. Is there something she did that was not to your liking?“

Hearing the sales manager’s introduction, Nicole’s gaze became meaningful. Samantha’s face changed for a moment, then smiled naturally. “Manager, there’s just a bit of a misunderstanding just now. I ‘ll be happy to receive them.“

Nicole smiled and played the recording from her phone, amplified, so the whole floor could hear it clearly.

“You’re not welcome here. Get the hell out! “ “Yes. Get out! This place won’t accept your business! “

Samantha’s face suddenly paled as the sales manager turned to look at her and made a split-second decision.

“Sam, you’re fired! “

Samantha Lindt looked at the sales manager and panicked.

“She’s Nicole Stanton from Stanton Corporation. She must’ve come here with a motive…“

“Shut up! Samantha Lindt, the customer is King! Pack up your things and get the hell out of here! “ The sales manager reprimanded her.

“On what grounds?“ Samantha asked angrily.

“Because I’m the customer…“ Nicole hooked her lips and added, “Sam? Since when were you a rich kid returning from abroad?“

Everything the sales manager described about Samantha earlier was completely fake!

Nicole raised her eyelids lazily and glanced at Samantha mockingly.

Samantha’s complexion was frozen for a moment. She looked at Nicole with a cold gaze. Her expression was gloomy as she gnashed her teeth.

The security guards arrived. If Samantha did not leave on her own accord, she would be asked to leave.

Nicole smiled and carelessly interlocked her fingers as she held her chin up. Her delicate and beautiful face showed an innocent and charming smile. ‘Tryna show me who’s boss? Is Samantha Lindt even qualified?’

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