The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 125

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 125

Gerard Lichman was delighted to learn that Nicole was coming over in person and gave her a call.

“President Nicole, please bring the little traitor when you come over. Everyone misses it!“

Nicole responded. “Sure, no problem! “

This way, Nicole could kill two birds with one stone! She could rely on Tigger to capture the hearts of J& L’s team and she would not feel so bored over there.

Nicole buried herself in work until the evening when the streetlights came on and as stars dotted the night sky.

She stretched her back and took her purse. Seeing that Grant’s office light was still on, she felt a little guilty because she had it too easy as the CEO, especially compared to her big brother.

Nicole knocked on the door and poked her head in, smiling at the person who was still in a video conference. He calmly listened to the other party’s report in a foreign language and meticulously caught all the key points. He glanced at her and pointed to a seat, then continued the meeting.

She spat out her tongue and obediently went over to sit down, listening in to Grant and the other party’s conversation. It sounded like Ferguson Corporation was in a difficult situation.

Once the meeting ended, Grant hung up the phone. Nicole lifted her head, slightly puzzled.

“Is our company in Europe going to launch the same products as Ferguson Corporation?“

Grant nodded. “We have the same quality and we’re fighting a price war. The Fergusons are sure to lose.“

This was unmistakably targeted business competition. Nicole frowned slightly.

“Ferguson Corporation has issued an apology letter today.“

“I know, Dad and I have read it, but their apology is secondary and useless compared to the harm they caused you. Eric Ferguson is very smart. Once the apology letter was released, Ferguson Corporation’s share prices stopped declining. This little dip is irrelevant to them. It’s like they didn’t lose anything.“

Grant smiled and looked at her. “What, are you planning to go soft on them?”

“No way! “ Nicole snorted coldly. Her heart was now made of steel and could not be softened.

“It’s not just because of this either. Our market share abroad has always been evenly split with Ferguson Corporation. Since we got this opportunity, we’d have to seize it. Don’t forget, we’re the first to enter the European market and you’re the one who single- handedly brought our business to Europe and put us on the map. Ferguson Corporation was only imitating your model to develop a second business trend.“

Grant’s words suddenly reminded Nicole. She was silent for a moment.

She almost forgot about this!

In the business world, there was no right and wrong.

As long as it was within the framework of the law, everyone had the right to compete.

These past three years made her forget her worth. She had once single-handedly broken through the European market and set up Stanton Corporation’s business there. They became the leading and most prominent Medianian brand in Europe.

That was the miracle that Nicole created!

Now that she recalled her past achievements, Nicole was filled with tears and passion.

The next night, Nicole went to the airport alone to pick someone up.

In the VIP waiting room.

Nicole excitedly ran in and saw the handsome, cool, reserved, and gentle man who had such a unique temperament sitting by the window. He looked so unattainable that people would naturally look up to him.

She ran and covered his eyes from behind. “Guess who?“

The man helplessly took her hand. “Nicole…“ “Mav! “ Nicole gave him a big bear hug.

This man was a world-class leading physicist. At the age of seventeen, he won the Breakthrough Prize, which was a top science award. No one had yet to achieve this at such a young age. His papers were published in prestigious journals and were held in high regard.

Perhaps since this man shined so brightly on his own that no one bothered to investigate his background. Thus, no one knew that he was, in fact, Floyd Stanton’s second son, Maverick Stanton.

Maverick looked at Nicole and saw that she was still the same as before. He reached out and touched her forehead.

Nicole shrank her neck and frowned at him. “What are you doing?“

“You got hurt?“ Maverick’s face was a little glum.

“I accidentally bumped into the wall… “ Nicole lied with ease.

Maverick nodded without suspicion. “Useless! “ The two siblings walked and talked.

Maverick asked insouciantly, “I heard you got married?“

He was abroad for more than five years and had been doing some top -secret research in some lab, so he would occasionally chat with Kai during his leisure time.

It seemed that Nicole’s marriage had upset the whole family.

Maverick took out a bank card from his pocket.

“This is the prize money from all the awards I’ve won. There, take it as your wedding gift.“

All that prize money was an astronomical sum!

Nicole’s second brother had never cared for money and had always given his younger sister all the prize money he got since childhood.

Nicole blinked. “I just got divorced.” “Oh, then it’s your divorce gift.”

Maverick quietly lowered his head and dragged his expensive suitcase forward.

His face was expressionless as if he did not care.

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