The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 122

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 122

At this time, the public opinion on the internet was overwhelming. Everyone was pointing fingers at the Fergusons for bullying the weak.

However, the Ferguson family did not reply on the cusp of this storm. After all, they would look guilty if they took a stand too early.

The Ferguson Villa.

The villa was brightly lit in the night. Everyone inside, except for Old Master Ferguson, dared not breathe too loudly.

Back then when Stanton Corporation’s share prices plummeted, Grant Stanton had singlehandedly managed to reclaim the situation.

This evening, the stock market had taken a different direction that was not optimistic for the Fergusons.

Old Master Ferguson’s face was glum and extremely bitter. He was furious and even more exasperated when he learned that Eric had not returned home.

“Where the hell is he?! “ Old Master Ferguson asked the butler as he thumped his cane on the ground fiercely.

The butler replied with trepidation. “Young Master can’t be reached at the moment. His calls went unanswered, and his assistant isn’t sure of his whereabouts.“

“Hmph! He still has the mood to hang around?! He’s been married to Nicole for three years and didn’t even notice anything wrong with her?! “

Old Master Ferguson’s heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it would leap out of his chest at any moment.

If he had known that Nicole was the heiress of Stanton Corporation and that she was a great match for his family, he would not have condoned her suffering at home.

Not to mention the divorce, their marriage in itself was already a shocking event in the entire business circle!

Look what happened now?

They had lost both money and the person!

Besides completely offending the Stantons, they had also lost their family heirloom!

At the thought of this, Old Master Ferguson fiercely glared at Quinn and Ingrid, who were standing apprehensively next to him.

“You two brainless women! You didn’t contribute to the family and even made such a mess! “

Quinn stood there feeling aggrieved.

“Dad, Nicole is the one who deceived everyone. What does it have to do with us? When she married Eric, didn’t you have someone do a background check on her?“

Old Master Ferguson scoffed and broke into a scolding fit.

“Well, you guys stole my emerald pipe! You still have the cheek to talk back to me?! “

The thing that nagged at him most tonight was that his beloved emerald pipe was gone forever!

Quinn looked like she was about to cry. She just stood there and kept her mouth shut.

As an accomplice, Ingrid was afraid to implicate herself, so she dared not say a word.

Suddenly, the butler broke this oppressive silence. He said excitedly, “Young Master is back! “

Quinn and Ingrid breathed a sigh of relief. ‘Finally! ‘

Quinn’s eyes were red. Since her husband Charles had gone abroad on a business trip, the only one who could help her was her son, Eric.

Otherwise, Old Master Ferguson’s wrath would last for an eternity!

She was indeed an unqualified Mrs. Ferguson.

Old Master Ferguson picked up a valuable teacup and threw it at Eric’s feet when he walked over.

“You finally know your way back?“

Eric paused in his footsteps, stepped over the broken porcelain pieces, and faintly swept a glance at Quinn and Ingrid without a change in expression.

“You’re looking for me?“ Eric’s voice was light.

Old Master Ferguson stood up in anger and pointed at Eric.

“Look at the sh*t you’ve made! How do you explain this? How can you not know anything about Nicole? You were married to her for so long and didn’t find anything wrong at all? Until now, I still don’t know why exactly you got a divorce!”

The atmosphere was tense. It had been a long time since Old Master Ferguson lashed out like this.

Eric raised his eyes and looked indifferent. “I don’t know either, but isn’t this divorce what all of you wished for?”

Otherwise, why would they be so mean to Nicole?

Quinn paused and hurriedly gave Eric a look. “Eric, quickly apologize to your grandfather! It’s a fact that Nicole deceived everyone. Let’s just wait for your father to come back. We’ll think of a solution then.”

Eric coldly hooked his lips. “It’ll be too late by the time he comes back.”

Old Master Ferguson snorted coldly. “Then what do you think we should do?”

“We should do as the Stantons requested, apologize…”

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