The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 121

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 121

Nicole thought, ‘If I wasn’t Floyd Stanton’s daughter, I would’ve died many times over! ‘

Keith’s face flushed red. ‘I ‘m such a wimp! But… I don’t have a choice… I’m guilty as charged…’

“Then what do you want?“ Keith asked.

‘I was clearly out of my mind back then to offend Nicole!’ He thought.

Nicole looked out the window and felt impatient.

She walked up to him slowly and said in a cold and playful voice, “Don’t you just care about your nudes? I ‘ll count to three. If you don’t disappear from my sight within three seconds, I’ll make you a viral sensation online by the fourth second! “

Keith stiffened as Nicole scoffed.

As soon as she finished her sentence, Keith turned around and ran as he begged for mercy. “Don’t…

Don’t be impulsive! “

Sure enough, he vanished within three seconds.

Nicole sneered and rolled her eyes, then strutted away in her high heels.

Once she got out of the bar, she saw someone standing next to her car.

She looked up and saw that it was none other than Eric Ferguson.

He was waiting for her.

“Mr. Ferguson, do you have nothing better to do?“

Nicole raised her eyebrows. Her red lips against the darkness around her seemed bright and warm, but it carried a little coldness.

‘Can’t he see that I don’t want to deal with him?! ‘ Nicole was impatient.

Eric’s eyebrows were sunken and his eyes were dark. His voice was mellow and charming.

“Nicole, I want to explain to you about Wendy Quade. She and I… We aren’t in the kind of relationship you think we are.“

He thought that he could lessen the resentment in their hearts once he explained to her clearly.

Once Nicole heard that name, she impatiently frowned.

“No need for that.“

Nicole stepped forward and shoved him away from her car.

She got into the car and did not even put on her seat belt before she stepped on the gas pedal.

Just a moment later, Nicole realized that something was wrong.

She only did a low throttle, but the speed had increased to l20 km/h at once. It was extremely unusual and simply uncontrollable!

Her car rushed into the middle of the road in an instant

It was past midnight, so there were only a few cars on the street, but it was still extremely dangerous.

Nicole panicked and stepped on the brakes, but there was no response.

She suddenly realized that the car was completely out of control!

Nicole subconsciously grabbed the steering wheel, but it was locked. The car was simply out of order.

The darkness in front of her seemed to be beckoning to her and waiting to swallow her whole.

At this moment, the streetlights seemed cold and blinding. Nicole could not help but shudder.

She had never felt so close to death before!

All she had was panic, fear, and cold sweat.

Nicole looked up and saw a big truck suddenly appearing three hundred meters in front of her. At that moment, her mind went blank.


A gray cloud of dust and thick smoke rose into the air.

A car had rushed out of nowhere to block in front of her.

The car drifted a few dozen meters away before coming to an abrupt halt.

At that moment, Nicole’s head smashed onto the steering wheel. Her airbag did not respond, so she only felt a bone-chilling pain at that moment.

The pungent smell of gasoline rushed into her nostrils as warm liquid dripped down her forehead.

“Nicole! “

A man shouted her name, and that voice seemed somewhat familiar.

After that, her car door was opened, and she was carried out onto the roadside.

‘That’s Eric Ferguson… Why is he so anxious? Right. He’s the last person I saw just now, so if I die, the Fergusons will get into trouble…’

Eric’s warm hand seemed to tremble a little as he touched the wound on her forehead as if he was trying to confirm her injury.

However, his touch made her feel a stabbing pain. The smell of blood brought Nicole back to consciousness.

Eric’s embrace felt unfamiliar and made her extremely uncomfortable.

If this happened before the divorce, Nicole would have been flattered to lie in his arms.

When she opened her eyes, it seemed like snowflakes were drifting in front of her. She struggled with all her might to get up and held the car door to stand firm.

It turned out that his car blocked her from ramming into the truck.

Otherwise, she probably would not have the chance to open her eyes again.

His car was so deformed that it had become scrap metal.

“Thanks.“ Her voice was frighteningly calm.

Aside from the pain of her head wound, she was completely conscious.

“Nicole, you need to go to the hospital.“ Eric sounded a bit anxious.

Nicole ignored him and took out her phone to call Logan.

“Come to my location right away. Someone tampered with my car, and I got into a car crash. You must find out who did this before tomorrow morning.“

After she gave Logan the instructions, she hung up the phone.

Eric’s gaze was tinged with anger.

Nicole took out a check from her bag and handed it to Eric.

“Mr. Ferguson, your Range Rover is at most $4 million. Here’s $10 million. The extra $6 million is your appreciation fee.“

Nicole stood under the light. The blood on her forehead had solidified and her long hair was slightly disheveled, but she somehow still looked as beautiful as ever.

It was as if she was born to be a beauty.

The corners of her lips curled up slightly into a polite and detached smile.

Eric’s gaze grew cold, and his face sank. He did not reach out to take the check.

Nicole forcefully shoved the check into the pocket of his suit jacket and did not give him a chance to refuse.

“Mr. Ferguson, you weren’t stingy with your money when I donated blood. This time, it’s my turn to return the favor.”

After that, she left her car and turned on her heels to leave.

‘This feels great! I can’t believe even Eric Ferguson will get to have this day! Turns out I can really hold a grudge! ‘

The streetlight stretched out her figure. Her footsteps were steady and not the least bit wobbly.

Naturally, Nicole did not notice the flash of remorse in Eric’s eyes after she threw down that sentence.

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