The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 120

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 120

“I don’t know.“ Eric spoke coldly and dodged Keith’s hand that was reaching over to him.

This was also what Eric had been puzzled about. He only remembered that back then, Wendy Quade was in a car accident and had lost too much blood, but the Rh-null blood stored in the blood bank in Atlanta was far from enough.

That was when Nicole came to him. She said that she could donate her blood to Wendy, but with one condition – he was to marry her.

The matter was urgent, so Eric agreed without even thinking about it.

Everything that happened later was just natural.

Eric did not like Nicole and did not have any feelings for her, but he still respected all her rights as his wife and honored their marriage.

Suddenly, there was a clamor outside their private room.

Keith went out to take a look and immediately turned back. “Holy sh*t, Nicole’s here! “

Outside, the music was so loud that it could shatter one’s eardrums. Everyone below was reveling in the music.

Nicole was dancing in the middle with her long legs and thin waist. She had a charming smile as she moved with the music and immediately became the focus of the crowd.

The woman was indeed beautiful. Her frown and her smile were equally seductive.

Nicole’s smile was warm and bright as the crowd formed a circle around her. She was dancing with a pretty good-looking man.

Their posture was provocative and very risqué. Everyone screamed in praise for Nicole until the music ended.

Keith was also infected by her dance and could not help but shout along with the crowd as he waved.

Nicole heard the familiar voice and swept a glance to see Keith upstairs.

Next to him was Eric Ferguson.

Her smile faded instantly, and she turned to walk away as if she had just seen a pile of trash.

Eric was standing in the shadows. His prominent features were sunken.

He never knew that she danced so well and never noticed that her smile was so inviting.

Eric had never seen her happier than she was now in the past three years.

When she married him, she was so brave, and when she left, she was so determined.

At the thought of this, Eric felt a stifling pain in his chest as if a boulder was pressing down on him. It felt heavy and suffocating.

He could not help but think that all of this happened because he was too close to Wendy Quade, which made Nicole misunderstand their relationship. A feeling of irritation lingered in his heart.

Eric re -examined his relationship with Wendy and thought that perhaps in some ways, he had cared too much for her.

When Keith saw Nicole’s disdainful gaze, his face stiffened under the colorful lights.

He withdrew his swaying arms and looked at Eric. “ Ferg, are you sure she won’t settle the score with us? Do you think it’s too late to apologize?“

One of their friends on the side could not help but kick Keith’s butt.

“Dude, it’s just a woman… What are you so afraid of? Don’t humiliate yourself by apologizing! “

Keith mumbled, “You’re not the ones whose nudes are in her hands! “

Eric ignored them, downed his glass of whiskey, took his jacket, and turned to leave.

“You just got here! Where are you going?“ Keith yelled from behind.

Inside Private Room No. 9.

Nicole picked up her purse and said, “I’ve partied enough. You girls have fun! I’m leaving first…“

Julie and Yvette waved goodbye at her. The two of them looked like they would not leave until they got drunk.

Nicole was just about to go out when she saw Keith standing at the end of the corridor, smiling at her with his irritating face.

‘Is he waiting for me? What’s wrong with this guy? ‘ “Get lost.” Nicole was not in the mood to talk to him.

Keith was persistent and said, “I’ll get lost, but let m e just finish what I wanna say first.”

Nicole grunted coldly. “What do you wanna say?”

Keith looked at Nicole, who was so cold and relaxed, then hesitantly said, “Nicole, I want to apologize to you for what happened before.”

Although he seemed like a spineless coward, that was still better than having his nudes flying all over the internet.

Nicole gave him a sidelong glance and gently hooked her lips. “Okay.”

Keith froze and looked up at her. “You forgive me? ” “No,” Nicole said insouciantly. “Think about how you guys tormented me back then. Do you think a simple word of apology could make me forget about the past? Do you have no shame? Mr. Ludwig, I didn’t think that you’d be so thick-skinned!”

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