The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 118

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 118

Wendy Quade’s expression stiffened. She did not expect Nicole to be so direct.

She looked up aggrievedly at Eric, but he did not look at her.

From the very beginning, his eyes had been fixated on Nicole and he had been unreasonably silent.

Wendy quietly hung her head and clenched her fingers.

Old Master Ferguson also did not look at her nor did he intend to help.

At this moment, Old Master Ferguson’s face was glum as he asked Floyd, “Chairman Stanton, even if we did do something wrong, it’s all water under the bridge now. They’re already divorced, so there’s no need to make a fuss about it, right?“

Floyd was really trying to hold back his anger. He was so vexed that he did not know how his daughter managed to put up with them for the past three years.

He immediately called for the two waiters who were standing not far away and pointed at Wendy Quade. “ Please ask this young lady to leave.“

Wendy’s face turned pale as she looked up in a panic.

Floyd’s tone was harsh. “My daughter doesn’t want to see trash, so get her to leave.“

“Eric…“ Wendy tried to ask for help.

Cls nPeter 11 8 As k Her to Lense Eric’s eyebrows knitted together as he glanced at her, then reminded her in a cold voice. “The driver has been waiting for you outside. Get him to send you back.“

Nicole raised an eyebrow. She did not think that Eric would send Wendy off just like that. ‘He’s willing to just leave her?’

A man’s heart was truly hard to grasp!

Quinn and Ingrid, who had brought Wendy Quade over on their own accord, saw the situation and panicked.

They hid behind the frowning Old Master Ferguson and dared not utter a word.

Floyd’s expression changed quickly. He had already plastered on his usual distant and polite smile.

“Chairman Ferguson, all the grievances Nicole has suffered during her time with your family can be put aside for now, but what about those recent rumors circulating the internet? I think you’re most qualified to come forward and clarify this, no?“

Although Nicole’s identity reveal was already enough to clear her name of those scandals, having the Fergusons come forward to issue a statement was to force the Fergusons to admit their mistake.

Old Master Ferguson snorted coldly. “Is that necessary?“

“If you don’t even show your sincerity to apologize, then I have no choice but to cut off all cooperation with Ferguson Corporation, including all stocks, funds, and investment projects. If you can fork out as much money as Stanton Corporation, you don’t have to bear the losses of severing our ties.“ Floyd spoke coldly.

Old Master Ferguson’s face was cold and glum in an instant.

Ferguson Corporation was not short of money, but Stanton Corporation was even more so. If Stanton Corporation abruptly withdrew its investments, Ferguson Corporation would struggle to shuffle around funds to fill out those gaps. These were huge amounts, so if Ferguson Corporation did not have sufficient cash flow, it meant that they would have to bear all these losses.

“I ‘ll consider it. “ Old Master Ferguson gritted his teeth, turned around, and left.

Nicole chuckled and added, “Chairman Ferguson, don’t forget to visit the National Museum frequently in the future! “

What a fatal blow!

Old Master Ferguson’s body lurched, and he almost fell over. Luckily, he was held by Ingrid on the side, so he shook with anger and walked away without looking back.

Floyd let out a light laugh and looked at Nicole helplessly. “You little rascal! “

Nicole smiled cheekily and pulled Floyd’s arm as they turned to leave. However, they did not expect that Eric Ferguson was still there.

“Mr. Ferguson, why aren’t you leaving with them? “ Eric Ferguson was astonishingly silent as he slowly read out her name meaningfully. “Nicole Stanton…“

Nicole raised her eyebrows. Eric looked at Floyd and asked, “Chairman Stanton, can I please talk to her alone?“

Eric finally understood why Floyd Stanton did not want to be addressed as “Uncle Floyd“ earlier. It turned out that Floyd did not want to get involved in any personal relationship with Eric.

Floyd looked at his daughter, who was expressionless.  Nicole then hooked up the corners of her lips in derision.

“Sure, “ she said.

Floyd knew deep down that his daughter would not get hurt by that jerk again. Otherwise, she would not have been so resolute.

“Don’t take too long. I still want to introduce you to some other old-timers in the industry.“

After saying that, Floyd gave Eric a deep look and walked away.

“Mr. Ferguson, what do you want to talk about?“

Nicole casually took a glass of red wine from the tray held by a passing waiter. The burgundy liquid was very rich in color and fragrance as she gently swayed it in her hand.

Eric’s gaze fell on Nicole’s face. His voice was deep and magnetic. “Why did you conceal your identity to marry me?“

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