The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 117

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 117

Old Master Ferguson’s face was glum as he narrowed his eyes and grunted coldly. He was so exasperated looking at this father-daughter pair that he gnashed his teeth and said, “Chairman Stanton, what else do you have in store? I’ve already seen enough of this surprising show! “

It was clear that the Stantons were deliberately telling off the Fergusons with everything that happened at the gala.

‘No wonder Nicole was so fearless when I complained about her to Floyd Stanton in her office that day. Now that I think back to it, she deliberately played me!’ Old Master Ferguson thought.

Floyd Stanton glanced at Eric Ferguson, who still did not show a hint of emotion on his noble and calm face. At such a young age, he managed to be so unperturbed by all that happened, which was a rare talent.

If not for Eric’s messy love life and for him hurting Nicole so many times that made Floyd Stanton keep a distance from him, Floyd would probably be able to accept such a man as his son-in-law.

“Chairman Ferguson, I can’t understand where your anger is coming from. My princess married your grandson just to become a lowly maid to your family. Even after their divorce, she became the most hated person on the internet getting insulted left and right. Chairman Ferguson, don’t you think you owe us an explanation?“

Floyd Stanton’s voice was cold.

Old Master Ferguson froze. Quinn and Ingrid were also shocked. ‘Is Floyd Stanton bringing Nicole over to settle accounts?’

Eric had a slight frown and his eyes were deep as he looked at Nicole, who was next to Floyd.

She was staring at the royal blue sapphire cufflinks on Floyd’s shirt and was tugging on her father’s suit like she was extremely bored. She seemed reluctant to come over and was not even willing to look at them for a moment.

Since the second she stepped on stage, Eric was beyond shocked.

It was just that he hid it all at the bottom of his heart. All the unbelievable things that Nicole did after their divorce finally seemed to make sense. Everything became logical and rightful.

This shocking information just came out of nowhere. Old Master Ferguson coughed. His face became ugly.

“Nicole concealed her identity, so how would we know that she’s your daughter?“ He snapped back at Floyd and excused himself using this reason.

Floyd sneered and angrily retorted. “So, you’re saying that the harsh treatment she received at your place is our fault? Back then when she liked Eric and wanted to marry him, I disagreed, but she went behind my back to get married anyway. I was so angry for three years that I cut off all contact with her. I thought that it’d be fine as long as she’s happy, but I never would’ve imagined that your

family didn’t even treat her as a human being ! ”

Quinn spoke in panic, ”She’s well-fed and has a roof over her head, so how is she being ill-treated? We were kind to her, but she didn’t show us any gratitude and even lied to us? How can we not be angry?”

Floyd’s face became stern and was just about to speak when Nicole tugged on his clothes. She let out a cold snort that carried disdain and contempt.

”Even if it’s the whole world’s fault, it has nothing to do with your family, right? I asked for it, so I deserve to be lowly and put up with all your vileness. I deserve to use my own blood in an attempt to exchange for someone’s love. It serves me right to be a blind fool for the past three years. Is that what you mean? Sorry to say, I’m not a generous person, so in the future, I can only return what I’ve received little by little, an eye for an eye… ”

Nicole hooked her lips and did not hide her disgust. ‘ Do they think that I’d just forget about the past?

That I’d forget about those humiliations? If I get the opportunity, I’ll definitely get back at them!’

Quinn’s face stiffened. Old Master Ferguson glared at Quinn angrily and was annoyed by her talkativeness, so Quinn shrank back in fear and dared not speak again.

Wendy Quade, who stood at the side silently this whole time, suddenly stepped forward. Her voice was soft and weak as she said, ”Nicole , I know that you hate me. I’m the one who used so much of your blood. It has nothing to do with the Fergusons. Just come at me if you want. If we’d known that you were the heiress of Stanton Corporation, I think that Eric wouldn’t have treated you like this. Since what’s done is already done, I hope that you can forgive us.”

Although Wendy was resentful of Nicole’s true identity, her smug sense of superiority when she looked at Nicole in the past was vastly different from her current  position. They were like heaven and hell.

Wendy hated Nicole’s good fortune. ‘Why can Nicole get things that others can’t right at her fingertips? Eric Ferguson must be mine! ‘

Nicole swept a sidelong glance at Wendy and thought, ‘She really knows how to involve herself in the drama, huh?’

With a scoff, Nicole said, “This is not a place for trash. Who are you to talk over here?”

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