The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 116

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 116

At the same time, the photos from Stanton Corporation’s anniversary gala had already set off shocking waves on the internet.

The picture of Nicole on the digital signboard atop the Pearl Tower across the river was the most direct way to announce her identity.

(OMG, this is legendary! A billionaire heiress hides her own identity to marry a guy below her status and reveals herself to be the richest young woman after their divorce?! This plot is straight out of a TV show! ]

(The Ferguson family is horrendous! They think Nicole’s easy to bully and even hired keyboard warriors to insult her… Don’t they feel ashamed for treating a lady like that?]

(Nicole’s comeback is awesome! ]

(Yasss kween! Nicole, you rock! I love you 3000 <3]

(I passed by a dozen intersections earlier and saw Nicole’s picture plastered on every building. She hands down beat all those actresses that wanted to fight for those advertising spaces. I ‘m witnessing history in the making! ]

(Nicole is @RichBaby?! Her nickname is too straightforward, right? Why is she so cute?!]

Inside the banquet hall, Nicole’s act of squandering $800 million did not cause the crowd’s antipathy.

Instead, they all felt touched that Nicole truly cared for every employee in her company.

After everyone marveled at her generosity, Nicole carelessly swept her gaze to Old Master Ferguson with a light mockery in her pretty eyes.

“Besides that, when I was at a charity auction earlier this month, I bought an emerald pipe from Mrs. Ferguson…“

Nicole paused and watched as Old Master Ferguson’s expression turned into panic, then continued to speak slowly, “Chairman Ferguson, I’ve decided…“

“Wait! “ Old Master Ferguson could not bear it any longer and stepped forward, interrupting her words. He could tolerate that Nicole hid her identity, deceived them, and made his family a laughing stock, but the emerald pipe absolutely could not fall into the hands of others!

“Nicole, you know that the emerald pipe is my family heirloom. Now, I’m willing to buy it back from you at  ten times the price. Consider the extra money  as compensation  for you  from our family.“

The first to speak always had the upper hand. Old Master Ferguson thought that Nicole was still a little too inexperienced to go up against an old-timer like him.

Nicole spent $30 mlllion to buy that emerald pipe. Now that it had inflated to $300 mlllion, it was simply more than anyone could ask for.

Although this was a pretty sizable amount for many, for Nicole Stanton, this was equivalent to a slap in the face.

Feeling the tense atmosphere between Nicole and Old Master Ferguson, everyone’s eyes fell on Nicole.

Her smile was bright and stunning, and her eyes glittered like the stars. She spoke unhurriedly, ” Chairman Ferguson, I’m so rich and certainly don’ t need that petty cash from you… The emerald pipe’s value can no longer be quantified by money. Since it’s of such significant historic value, I’ve decided to donate this artifact, free of charge, to the National Museum.”

Nicole beamed and tilted her head to the side, then extended her arm to invite the person standing there. ”This is the Director of the National Museum. All of you here play witness to this moment in history in which this emerald pipe finds its most fitting home in the museum for all those who love and respect history. In the future, everyone can share the story of this emerald pipe and I think this is much more valuable than it will be in the hands of Chairman Ferguson alone. Hence, Chairman Ferguson will certainly support my thoughtful decision.”

The man who came over to Nico le on stage looked mature and respectable. He brought over two of his subordinates and gave a simple speech of gratitude. Then, in the presence of the guests, the man took the box containing the emerald pipe from Nicole’s hands and left with it.

Floyd Stanton looked at his daughter and felt very pleased with her performance. He came onstage to say a few more words and gave everyone the green light to mingle around as they wished. As for the Ferguson family, Floyd Stanton would not let them get away so easily…

At this time, Old Master Ferguson’s face flushed red with anger. He was so vexed that he could not even speak.

Nicole had defeated him using her own means and had completely put an end to Old Master Ferguson’s plans of getting back his emerald pipe.

If she had sold it to other people, the Fergusons would still be able to buy it back because they were willing to pay any price for it.

On the contrary, Nicole had made this unexpected move to donate the emerald pipe to the National Museum, and more importantly, with so many influential people bearing witness.

Even if Old Master Ferguson had the ability, he would not dare to take from the museum!

Undoubtedly, he had utterly lost this game!

“Let’s go!“

Old Master Ferguson turned around and left. He could not care less about pleasantries and did not want to stay here for another moment.

“Chairman Ferguson, a minute please! “

Floyd Stanton slowly walked over with Nicole, both wearing a cheerful smile on their face.

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