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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 115

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 115

Nicole silently curved her lips and did not say another word. Everyone finally understood.

This slanderous farce was created by the Fergusons with malicious intent to defame Nicole.

If this happened to an ordinary person, it was simply impossible for them to make a comeback.

With the Ferguson family’s power, it was as easy as a snap of a finger to sentence an ordinary person a “ social death“.

Nicole was not so kind as to hide the Fergusons’ bad deeds. Since there was such an opportunity, she would of course let the world know how despicable and shameless the Fergusons were.

Old Master Ferguson stood there trying to conceal the panic and huge sense of regret in his shocked gaze. What was done could not be undone.

No one had expected Nicole to be the heir to Stanton Corporation!

It was no wonder the Fergusons could not find any trace of Nicole’s past even when they used their connections when Nicole and Eric first got married. Thus, they believed her when she said she was an orphan.

The Stanton family could conceal her past easily if they wanted to.

‘This divorce is for her to move on to the correct path for the future?’ When Eric heard Nicole’s words, his brow furrowed and his eyes were cold. His heart suddenly sank.

‘Marrying me was a wrong diversion in her life?’

“Ms. Stanton, does that mean the actual reason for your divorce was because a third party had intervened in your marriage?“

The reporter pursued the question, which reminded everyone about the scandal that ran rampant at the time of their divorce. Countless sighs and lamentations resounded in the hall.

Wendy @uade’s name as a homewrecker came up once again. Since she came over as Eric’s female companion this evening, it had confirmed her identity as his mistress.

Originally, Wendy had wanted to exacerbate Nicole’s situation by showing up, but she did not expect that she would shoot herself in the foot by doing so.

Nicole paused and lowered her head as she let out a light laugh.

“Mr. Ferguson and Ms. Quade are a match made in heaven. Like everyone, I wish them all the best.“

At this moment, countless eyes were gathered on the Stantons and the Fergusons. The reporter’s and Nicole’s words made Old Master Ferguson’s face incomparably glum. Even Quinn wanted to bury her head in sand. Although no one explicitly said anything, everyone’s gaze was filled with contempt and mockery.

‘How could they treat the heiress of Stanton Corporation like that? Eric Ferguson married a secret billionaire and almost got control over the entire Stanton Corporation, but they were so blind to drive this great opportunity away by themselves.’

Standing there, Eric’s eyes were cold and sunken. His face was taut and he did not dodge the crowd’s prying eyes. His suit did not have a single crease and he was just staring intently at Nicole , who seemed to be glowing under the light. At that moment, he had a mix of emotions in his heart.

Eric could still be so calm and steady and maintained his indifferent and reserved expression in this kind of situation. It could be seen that Eric Ferguson had experienced all sorts of big scenes that he was not easily perturbed.

Nicole swept an indifferent glance at him and smiled faintly. ”There’s no need to mention unimportant things of the past. Tonight, I have more surprises for everyone! “

Everyone refocused their gaze on Nicole on stage. Her voice was gentle and clear as she said, ”A few days ago, I bought out a live stream online shopping session. I’ve kept some items for my company’s staff as a little meet and greet gift, but there are still a lot of private collectors’ items, bags, necklaces, and watches that aren’t released yet in Mediania. If you’d like, please participate in our raffle over there… ”

Everyone gasped. ‘How much money did the Stantons actually throw to host this gala? Wait a sec Live stream, gifts, private collectors ‘ items, not released in Mediania… ‘

A reporter came to his senses and could not help but ask, ”Ms. Stanton, are you the ‘RichBaby’ who shocked the internet a few days ago from buying $800 million worth of goods online in one afternoon?“

Everyone’s eyes widened as they looked at Nicole, who just smiled and pursed her lips shyly.

“These are just some small gifts for all the staff in the companies under Stanton Corporation. I didn’t expect that it’ll attract so much attention. I ‘m truly sorry for taking up the media’s resources…“

There were so many branches and subsidiaries under Stanton Corporation, so $800 million worth of luxury items was not considered excessive. It might not even be enough to go around.

Everyone was just so shocked and speechless. ‘Nicole is @RichBaby! ‘

No wonder those internet detectives exhausted all their energy and still could not find out the person behind this account handle.

Nicole used $800 million to buy out the entire live stream session so that the live streamer could shop for her remotely in Europe. While everyone was busy berating her, she had quietly assumed her identity as the billionaire heiress!

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