The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 114

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 114

Once Floyd Stanton’s words fell, the venue was deadly silent. Everyone was just so shocked as if a bomb had dropped on them from out of nowhere.

At the same time, the congratulatory words on the huge digital screens on all the buildings outside that could be seen from inside the venue were instantly replaced with Nicole’s picture. Everyone in the entire city could see Nicole’s picture as long as they looked up at those buildings.

The Stanton family wanted everyone in the world to know that Nicole Stanton’s value was unparalleled.

Everyone present looked incredulous, especially Old Master Ferguson, who was standing in the forefront. His face was stiff for a moment with an obscure astonishment.

Eric Ferguson also stood there shocked with complex bewilderment.

Ingrid and Quinn Ferguson were not as calm as the Ferguson men. Quinn broke the silence in the venue with her tense and shrill voice as she shouted, “ Impossible! She’s clearly an orphan with no money and background! “

“Shut up! “ Old Master Ferguson rebuked her with a dark and sullen face.

How could it be fake if Floyd Stanton admitted it himself to the public?

Floyd Stanton ignored Quinn’s outburst and continued to drop another bomb on the crowd. “ Now, I’d like to announce that all of my shares in Stanton Corporation will be transferred to Nicole. Nicole will become the person in command of Stanton Corporation and my designated successor.“


In an instant, Nicole’s identity was completely turned upside down. Not only was she Floyd Stanton’s daughter, but she was also the heiress of Stanton Corporation.

From a woman who was berated and mocked for being a gold digger and wanting to marry into a rich family, she had sprung to become a true billionaire heiress!

Her status was beyond valuable.

The venue was suddenly abuzz, even the media reporters refused to let go of this historic moment.

Before everyone could finish digesting this shocking fact, Grant Stanton, who was on the side, walked up to his father and nodded.


The crowd fell silent in an instant. Grant Stanton was still recognized as the person in charge of Stanton Corporation.

In the industry, his words were pivotal and carried substantial weight.

Grant had a calm and doting smile on his face as he looked at Nicole.

“To welcome my sister back home, I will transfer ten percent of my shares in Stanton Corporation to her. Now, as the largest shareholder owning 71% Of Stanton Corporation’s shares, Nicole Stanton will directly assume the position of CEO to Stanton Corporation from her current position as Vice President. As her older brother, I will always firmly support any decision Nicole makes. I believe that everyone, like me, is looking forward to the future Nicole will lead us into.“

Once Grant Stanton finished his speech, the crowd felt like another bomb had been dropped on them. ‘ The person in command of Stanton Corporation changed just like that? No fighting, no gossip, no messy disputes…’

Nicole stood on the side looking calm, but she still felt taken aback in her heart. Grant had never mentioned that he would be giving her a portion of his shares, so this all seemed too sudden. The entire Stanton Corporation landed on her shoulders just like that.

It felt like a mountain of gold landed right in front of her. It was so huge that she could not even see the top when she looked up.

After the silence, thunderous applause reverberated i n the hall. The crowd was cheering for the return of Nicole Stanton as well as Grant Stanton’s munificence.

When the applause died down, a reporter at the venue could not resist asking a question. “Ms. Stanton, how do you feel about the slanderous rumors about you on the internet? May I ask if your divorce from Mr. Eric Ferguson means a break between Stanton Corporation and Ferguson Corporation?“

The reporter seized the moment and did not want to wait for the press conference later because he might lose this first opportunity.

Eric’s dark eyes instantly constricted. He lifted his head and locked his gaze onto the radiant and beautiful woman standing on stage.

Nicole did not dodge the question and looked at the reporter frankly with a faint smile.

“Please allow me to answer your second question first. Back then, I concealed my identity to marry Mr. Ferguson, so that marriage was not a business alliance and did not represent Stanton Corporation’s stance. To be precise, this failed marriage is due to my youthful moment of impulsiveness. My foolish mistakes of the past are mine to bear alone, and I fully accept the failure of this marriage. This divorce is for me to move on to the correct path for the future. As for those slandering rumors…“

Nicole disdainfully hooked the corners of her lips as she swept a glance at Old Master Ferguson and Eric Ferguson. She raised her eyebrows and continued, “ Perhaps if I had informed them of my real identity sooner, there wouldn’t have been such a farce for the past few days. I am eternally grateful that I am Floyd Stanton’s daughter and can have this opportunity to stand here and clarify everything. Though I can’t say the same if this were to happen to an ordinary person.”

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