The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 113

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 113

The venue was brightly lit, extremely luxurious, and high -profile. Soon, the music stopped abruptly as Floyd Stanton walked up onto the stage.

Everyone gathered around the stage, knowing that the main event of this gala was about to begin.

Although Grant Stanton was the actual person in charge of Stanton Corporation and had the prestige and reputation comparable to Eric Ferguson, at this time, he did not have the slightest intention to take the spotlight away from his father. Instead, he only stood on the side humbly and respectfully as he watched his father speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming to Stanton Corporation’s anniversary gala. Thanks to your support all these years, we’ve had such smooth sailing thus far. This toast is for everyone! “

Floyd Stanton raised his glass, to which everyone responded with the same action, then downed the wine in it.

Everyone knew that it was not because of everyone’s support that Stanton Corporation had such an unstoppable growth, but because of the Stantons’ ability. Everyone wanted to be in their good graces and kept singing praises about them.

Not long after, Grant personally went forward to fill up his father’s empty wine glass and stood back to his original position.

Floyd smiled, nodded at Grant, then looked at the crowd again.

“There is one thing that I need to clarify here today. I believe that all of you have been very curious about a woman who’s closely related to my company and whose rumors have been circulating the internet recently, Nicole…“

The guests fell silent. They already knew that the Stantons had invited so many reporters to this event as a good opportunity to clarify the scandal.

Old Master Ferguson seemed to look so understanding and smug. ‘How could Floyd Stanton allow his son to marry a divorced woman? That woman doesn’t know any better… This is her downfall…“

Quinn and Ingrid glanced at each other. Both of them guessed how miserable Nicole would be after this.

“Why didn’t that woman come out?“ Ingrid swept a glance but did not see that woman’s figure anywhere and thought, ‘Wasn’t she just there just now?’

Quinn laughed and looked unconcerned. “She probably got kicked out. The Stantons aren’t stupid. Why would they keep a ticking time bomb around? “

Floyd Stanton affixed his gaze to the Fergusons as he said in a loud and clear voice. “Nicole has signed a huge deal with J&L Corporation during her tenure as Vice President of Stanton Corporation. Her ability is undoubted, but her relationship with Grant isn’t what everyone imagined it to be…“

The venue was incredibly quiet, so Floyd’s voice echoed in everyone’s ears.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Nicole to everyone here.“

Old Master Ferguson frowned and raised his head. Even Eric was slightly puzzled. The trace of doubt that had never dissipated at the bottom of his heart suddenly became heavier at this moment.

Floyd looked at the corridor on the left and smiled tenderly as he beckoned to her. “Come, Nicole. Come on over…“

Everyone watched in shock as the door on the left opened slowly. The light from the corridor came through and the woman who gradually walked over was enveloped in a soft sheath of light.

Nicole’s makeup was exquisite and impeccable. Her long and wavy hair draped behind her ears, making her look like an effortless beauty.

She wore a world —class collector’s series light gray diamond-inlaid dress that outlined her slender waist perfectly. Her dazzling pink diamond necklace that shone so brightly under the spotlight was visibly expensive. It even elevated her temperament to the next level.

Nicole walked onto the stage calmly with a bright and confident gaze. The corners of her lips hooked up into a faint arc and made her seem so aloof and glamorous.

She gently lifted the hem of her gown, showing off her exquisite stilettos as she walked up in style.

Finally, she stood beside Floyd Stanton without the slightest fear or nervousness. She looked so prim and proper, like a completely different person from the rumors on the internet.

Countless cameras started flashing the moment Nicole appeared on stage. They were afraid to miss a single shot of such breathtaking beauty!

The crowd audibly gasped and secretly speculated why Nicole would appear in such a grand fashion.

Most importantly, this woman’s arrival was so bright and eye-catching that no one could look away from her!

Floyd smiled and was very satisfied to see his daughter shining so brightly in the spotlight. This was the only way Nicole should make her formal debut in the gentry circle.

After a few seconds of silence, Floyd looked at the crowd below and said in a resounding voice, “Her last name is Stanton, the same Stanton as Stanton Corporation and Floyd Stanton. She’s the apple of my eye and my precious darling daughter, Nicole Stanton! “

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