The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 111

The Divorced Billionaire Heiress chapter 111

Floyd Stanton raised his eyebrows and glanced at Eric Ferguson, then shook his head and said, “How could I possibly imagine becoming in-laws with you? My daughter certainly doesn’t deserve such an exceptional man like Mr. Ferguson.“

Old Master Ferguson paused, then laughed and changed the subject. “Speaking of which, Stanton Corporation was really messed up by that woman’s scandalous background, right? The stock market even began to stir…“

Wendy Quade pulled Ingrid Ferguson’s hand and asked in a whisper, “Did you really see it clearly? Why would Nicole even be here at this time?“

“How could I be mistaken? My mother was also present at that time…“

Wendy’s eyes narrowed. She followed Ingrid to the second floor and looked down at the crowd that was filled with people. There were all kinds of dresses, and it was simply impossible to recognize anyone.

“How can we find her like this…“

Ingrid scratched her head. “I don’t know where she ran to hide, but since she’s here, I doubt she’ll leave so easily. I think she’s only here to force her hand in marriage! “

Since Nicole had no way out, she had no choice but to force Grant Stanton to marry her.

A good show was about to begin!

Wendy suppressed the excitement in her heart. ‘ Looks like Nicole’s back is pushed against the wall… ‘

Her eyes flickered and she grabbed Ingrid’s hand. “I saw her! She’s there! “

Wendy reached out and pointed in the direction of the doorway. Upon closer look, it really looked like Nicole.

Nicole was wearing an ordinary dress and seemed to be talking to someone at the door. The man handed her a bouquet, which she accepted.

“Aren’t you overseas? Why are you back already?“ Nicole asked.

Ian Carter looked dapper in his bespoke suit. He was so tall and handsome, and under the dim ambient light, his smile was devilishly seductive.

“How can I be absent on your big day? I’ll fly back as soon as the gala is over.“

Nicole was so shaken by Ian’s charming smile that her hands paused for a moment. “Since you’re already here, shouldn’t you greet your dad first? I saw him around earlier…“

Ian shook his head and helplessly shrugged his shoulders. “He’ll either beat me to death or die of a heart attack from aggravation. It’s too much of a risk, so why bother? That project abroad is almost done, and my brother’s death anniversary is coming up soon. By then, he will have no reason to force me to stay there anymore.“

Nicole chuckled. “Great, then we’ll wait for you to come back and host a big welcome home reception for you.“

“Deal! “ Ian took advantage of Nicole’s inattention to step forward and pull her into his warm embrace. “ Our Lil N is finally coming back… I ‘m so happy for you! “

Nicole’s hand was just about to push Ian away, but he suddenly let go of her. “Go on and get changed then. I need to find a place to hide so my dad won’t spot me…“

She nodded and turned around, but saw Eric standing not far away, staring at her with deep eyes and frowning coldly.

Nicole paused in her footsteps as Eric came towards her in big strides.

“What a coincidence, Mr. Ferguson…“

Nicole raised her eyebrows and smiled. ‘Was the scolding he received last time not enough that he took the initiative to come over for more?’

Eric’s gaze was cold and stern as he stared at her. His tone was harsh as he said, “Why are you here, and cuddling with other men at that?“

He was already shocked to see Nicole here. He did not expect Nicole to show up in such a dignified manner and even hug Ian Carter so openly.

When Eric saw Ian hugging Nicole, a wave of uncontrollable rage rose in his chest, which made him walk over in anger.

Nicole inclined her head and looked around. ‘Luckily, no one else saw…’

“Can’t I be here? Whose rules said that I can’t? Is ‘ Nicole is forbidden to enter’ written at the door? “

“Do you know what kind of occasion this is? Do you think your reputation isn’t bad enough?“

‘She’s involved with Grant Stanton yet turns around and hugs Ian Carter so intimately? This woman is really looking for death…’ Eric thought.

“It’s all thanks to you that I have my reputation today, isn’t it?“

‘He still has the cheek to mock me?! Eric Ferguson is simply ridiculous!’ Nicole thought.

To Eric, Nicole just looked like a stubborn fool.

When she spoke, the corners of her lips were hooked into a contemptuous smile, not knowing whether she was laughing at him or herself.

Everyone, including Eric Ferguson, thought that Nicole should not appear at this event.

They thought that she was simply out of place and that she did not deserve to enter their high society. “Nicole, what are you up to?“

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